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Getting married legally in Mexico

Getting Married Legally in Mexico

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One of the common misconceptions that couples planning a wedding in Mexico share with Garza Blanca’s wedding planners is the idea that it is hard to get married legally in Mexico. The reality for foreigners getting married legally in Mexico is that it can involve more paperwork than you might require back home; however, at Garza Blanca, we work with highly efficient wedding coordinators who can deal with all of your worries about the legal requirements for foreigners getting married legally in Mexico.

At Garza Blanca, we have plenty of experience coordinating civil legal weddings at the resort as well as symbolic ceremonies. We can organize a legal Mexican judge to be present to conduct your “official” wedding just before your symbolic wedding or even on a different day, which will provide an official wedding certificate. In order to do this, you will however, need to start the legal process in advance.

Getting Married Legally in Mexico made Easy

At Garza Blanca, we also work closely with agents who can help you to administer all of the elements you need for a legal marriage in Mexico. These trusted agents will go with you to any official offices that you might need to visit in Mexico, provide you with a list of all the things to you to bring with you before you arrive and will be in constant communication about any doubts you might have. In reality, getting married legally in Mexico becomes simple with their help.

So, there is no need for you to miss out on getting married legally in Mexico for fear of the paperwork, at Garza Blanca we can help you sort all of that out so all you have to worry about is looking beautiful and saying “I do!”.
Getting Married Legally in Mexico



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