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How Many Wedding Guests is Ideal?

How Many Wedding Guests is Ideal?

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Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life, and so every detail deserves special attention. The guest list is a particularly important aspect of your big day, and whether you choose a big wedding or a small one is really a very personal decision that is based on what you need and want as a couple.

Nonetheless there are some basic advantages and downfalls to both options. Take a look below:

Big Weddings – Over 80 Wedding guests

The big fairy-tale wedding isn’t for everyone, certainly, but it does have its advantages! For one thing you won’t have to worry about snubbing great-aunt so and so, or the girl your friend has just started seeing; a big guest list means less disappointment and tension all round. Of course, this means that you won’t have to try too hard to get a real party atmosphere going at the reception! You’re also likely to get more gifts, if that’s something that matters to you!

On the downside, big weddings cost more money to throw, take more time to plan, and can be really stressful for the bride and groom. The party atmosphere might be alive and kicking, but you’ll have less time to spend with each guest, and less time to sit down and enjoy the day for its own virtues.

Nonetheless, some people want the big day with the all-night party as a reception, and for some people it works very well. All you need to consider is if you have the budget and the temperament for it, and if it suits you and your partner.

Small Weddings – Less than 80 wedding guests

Small, intimate weddings and receptions are often seen to be something that happens if a couple has a low budget, but the truth is that there are a number of great benefits to having a wedding with only your nearest and dearest by you.

For a start, a smaller guest list means less money on food, party favours, and a smaller venue which is easier to decorate. It also means that you will be able to have more time with each of your guests, and even a little time to kick back and relax, maybe even eat some of the food you paid for if you’re lucky. Less to plan also means that the planning stage can get along much more quickly than it might otherwise, and you could even use some of the money you’ve saved on some of the little luxuries you’ve wanted. A small, intimate gathering can give you the wedding you want with less debt and less stress.

The downfall to a small wedding is that those people who you are not able to invite might feel slighted, snubbed, or disappointed, especially if they are extended family or old friends. One way to lessen this is to let everyone know from the outset that it’s going to be a very small affair. More of the planning may fall to you, of course, but when it’s so much smaller there’s less to plan. The one big danger, however, is that the party vibe may get lost when there are less people on the dancefloor, so to speak. You can always combat this by getting a really good band or DJ, however, so it’s not a big issue in the long run.

So, what do you think? What is the perfect size for a wedding guest list?


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