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Where to Marry Legally - Mexico or Back Home

Where to Marry Legally – Mexico or Back Home?

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Destination weddings have been very much in vogue, and they show little sign of losing popularity in destinations like Mexico. This could be for a number of reasons: great service, good weather, stunning locations, fine dining, lower costs, and great wedding activities are just some possible reasons to marry in Mexico.

Some people still question, however, whether you should get legally married in Mexico or back home. Here are some points to consider when deciding where to marry legally.

Weddings in Mexico are Legal

Someone may have told you that if you marry in Mexico your union will not be legal when you return home, but this is not the case. Although you will need to register your wedding, and perhaps translate your certificate, your marriage will be legally binding if you follow the correct legal procedures in Mexico. Furthermore, if you have a wedding planner in Mexico they will be able to help you organize the necessary paperwork (which may be a bit more complex than at home).

Where to Marry

There are also many professional people who will be happy to help you administer and deal with all of the elements that go into a Mexican wedding. These agents will go with you to any official offices you might need to deal with, and will be in constant communication with you about your doubts and worries (should you have any). With the right help a legal marriage in Mexico can be simple!

Getting married legally back home first

A popular option, however, is for people to have a small, legal ceremony at home before going to Mexico for a symbolic destination wedding. This means that your legal paperwork is all dealt with in your home town/country (and you have an excuse for a party) and your Mexican wedding is much simpler. Some people keep their home wedding very small and simple, while others use it as a way to invite everyone who can’t make it Mexico. It’s really up to you!

 Getting married legally back home first

Whether you choose to legally marry at home or in Mexico, these destination weddings promise memories that will last a lifetime. If you wish to receive more information about getting married legally in Mexico, please contact us directly by filling out the form here.


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