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How to Set Your Wedding Date

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After the initial excitement and emotion of your wedding proposal you will want to start thinking seriously about possible dates for your nuptial celebration. Choosing the right time of year can make all the difference to your big day while some dates will simply make the event more complicated or make it difficult and expensive for some of your guests to make it.


Firstly, it would be wise to consider the general time of year that suits you and the kind of weather that you would prefer. Then you are able to narrow down the actual date that is convenient for you both, and of course your guests. The weather will depend greatly on where you are going to get married. If you want guaranteed sunshine then you will either have to opt for a summer wedding at home or go abroad to a destination that has year round sunshine, like the coastal regions of Mexico.

Significant Days

Choosing the specific date for your wedding may happen naturally once you have decided on a season and a venue. You may simply have to go with what dates are available. However, some people select a date that has personal significance like the day they met or to commemorate a special event, while others choose based on convenience.


St Valentines Day remains to be a popular date, and many people choose to marry on public holidays to take advantage of the extra days off from work and the availability of guests. Marrying on a public holiday also means that you could then choose a Sunday wedding, which is often cheaper than Saturday weddings.

Wedding Dates to Avoid

That said, there are dates which can be highly problematic like Mother’s and Father’s Day, religious holiday dates or even major sporting events. Getting all your guests to arrive or concentrate on your wedding during Super Bowl Sunday could be a stress worth avoiding or having someone turn up in fancy dress on Halloween! You will also want to consider that your wedding anniversary will fall on those dates for the rest of your lives. Equally, you might want to avoid superstitiously unlucky dates like Friday 13th or the Ides of March.


Getting married abroad can make choosing a specific date for your wedding slightly easier, as you are not restricted to marrying on a weekend. Depending on when you guests arrive, you can choose the day that suits you and your plans. When everyone is on vacation, everyday is a weekend.


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