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Should you Have a Wedding Video?

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Although you might have a hard time justifying the amount of money it will cost to have wedding photography and videography on your big day, not having a wedding video may end up being one of the biggest regrets you have about your wedding day.  For most of us, imagining we will watch our wedding video time after time is unlikely, which may seem like the best reason to skip getting one altogether.  However, being able to see all of the moments that you miss out on while you’re busy during your wedding day will definitely make you realize why it is worth it to pay for a service that may seem like an extravagance that you may not really need.

Capture the Details

Planning the wedding you have always dreamed of takes innumerable hours, and when the day finally comes you will realize just how quickly it all happens.  This can make it quite difficult for you to remember all of the little moments unique to your wedding day.  When you hire a videographer, you will be able to relax and have a great time during your ceremony and reception because you’ll know you can go back and see anything you missed.  A wedding video is the ultimate way to revisit the treasured memories you created with all of your loved ones, and seeing people’s facial expressions and hearing their voices is so much more personal than just looking at photographs, and it is common to find guests and moments on video that somehow ended up excluded from the photography.  


Relive Your Ceremony

From getting a feel for what was happening inside the ceremony space before your nuptials began to seeing the wedding party stride down the aisle, you will get to see unforgettable moments that you weren’t present for.  Furthermore, seeing the expressions on your faces and listening to the inflexion of your voices while your vows are exchanged, which is one of the most emotionally powerful times during your wedding day, is something that photography just cannot capture.  For this reason alone, you are sure to cherish your wedding video forever.  

Revisit Your Cherished Memories

When you are already investing a large amount of money for your special day, it is wise to spend a bit more so that you can you view the special memories you create as many times as you please.  Watching your wedding video may even become a tradition for you as a couple to remind yourselves of that magical day (your anniversary is the perfect time!).  Any loved ones who weren’t able to attend your wedding may jump at the chance to see what they missed, and you can share this milestone with any future children you may have.  Although you may not watch it frequently, having the option to see it whenever you’d like is a fantastic feeling.  Don’t allow yourself to become one of the countless brides who regret skipping a wedding video!


Your wedding day is extremely important to you, so be sure your memories are well documented with a video.  You won’t regret it!


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