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The Orange Deck for Events

The Orange Deck for Events

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The Garza Blanca Preserve and its newest addition Hotel Mousai are very proud to announce the opening of the Orange Deck. Adjacent to the fabulous Red Room indoor events space, the Orange Deck is the perfect outdoor space for a number of events including weddings, cocktail receptions, family reunions, engagement parties and more.

Personality and Flair for your Events

Events in Orange Deck Hotel Mousai

Oozing with personality and originality, the Orange Deck has captivating views of the lush mountains and ocean, but best of all, it’s versatile. It is our hope that the Orange Deck will inspire you with its blissful modernity and tropical setting to throw events and parties just ‘because.’

What makes the Orange Deck so Special?

There are many elements that make the Orange Deck so distinctive for your events, but one of the most distinguishing and beautiful features is the bright orange colored tree that gives this events space its name. The iconic orange tree that dominates the deck not only gives shade from the midday sun during scheduled events, but makes the perfect spot for posing for photographs. It perfectly ties in the luxurious modernity of the space with the stunning natural landscape in the distance and thereby adds a touch of class to any gathering.

Size and Adaptability

Furthermore the size and adaptability of the Orange Deck makes it perfect for all kinds of parties and events. Whether you want to have a peaceful yoga convention or a DJ-fuelled, drink-soaked party, the Orange Deck can accommodate your needs. What’s more, the stunning views make it great for wedding ceremonies and receptions, vow renewals, family reunions and special birthdays alike. Imagine the great photographs you’ll be able to bring home when there are lush, green forests, mountainscapes, sweeping vistas and sparkling cyan waters in the background!

Whether you wish to reserve the space for a party or group event, or you just want to take advantage of all that the Orange Deck has to offer for an intimate family gathering, let Garza Blanca’s event planners help you out with the details.


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