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Tips for Romance on your First Honeymoon Night

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There are very few days which can stand up to your wedding day for romance and excitement, but your honeymoon night is definitely one of them, or it should be, at least. But the stress of the wedding, and all the preparation entails usually means that brides and grooms-to-be can forget to plan the details of what should be one of the most romantic nights of their lives. Have no fear, however, as we have some advice that will help you to make this night romantic and memorable, even at relatively short notice. Our goal at Garza Blanca is to help you ignite a bold flame of desire and passion on the most intimate night of your lives.

Create a Romantic Scene on your Honeymoon

The setting is all important when it comes to your first night as husband and wife, so you should think about what you can do to make sure you have a romantic and relaxed place to be together on your honeymoon. Candles are always a good way to create ambience quickly, and it doesn’t really matter what shape or size they are. We recommend a neutral color, though, so that they created an atmosphere rather than demanding attention. Creams, whites and pastel colors are always a good idea to create a romantic setting.

tips for romance on your first honeymoon night



Romantic music

Music is key to any atmosphere, and especially to romance. As such, you should take time to think about the music you’ll be including on your special honeymoon night! If you want to really earn some brownie points you can create a special playlist of songs that both you and your spouse love, or that have meaning to you! Otherwise, you could keep it simple and stick to a single genre or artist that you both love or find enjoyable. When music is involved the possibilities are limitless and apps like Pandora will give you unlimited musical possibilities.

beautiful dancing.

Sensual games for your honeymoon

Every couple who has more than a year or two under their belt know a few ways to get things started, but adding new flavors to the pot never hurts. Sensual guessing games are a good way to get it all going in the bedroom on your honeymoon. Pack a blindfold of sorts, a scarf or bandana will do, and get an array of treats (chocolate covered fruits usually go down well) to feed to your partner while they’re blindfolded. Get them to guess what tasty treats they’re being fed; a more racy variation of this game is to gather things of different textures (feathers, silk, etc) and see if they can guess what it is you are using to drive them wild. Take turns at these games and enjoy some bubbles to really get things going on your honeymoon.

Declare Your Love

Though there are many sweet smelling, sparkly, or otherwise pretty gifts that will show your new spouse you were thinking of them, the very best gifts can cost nothing at all! Why not wow them with a list of the things that you love the most about them. If you wanted to create a sweet memento of the honeymoon you could have this list written in calligraphy and framed. This could be a surprise, or an arranged and reciprocal gesture, but either way it will serve as a reminder in years to come of the enduring love that you share.

Declare Your Love

Your first night after your wedding should be very special and memorable; these are just a few suggestions, but ultimately you should do something that suits you both well.



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