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Weddings - Should you do the "First Look" or Wait?

Weddings – Should you do the “First Look” or Wait?

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If you are planning your wedding, you have probably heard all about the buzz surrounding “first look” photos, which involve posing together before the ceremony to reveal the joy and excitement that come with seeing one another in your wedding attire for the very first time.  They often feature the groom waiting anxiously as the bride sneaks up on him, which can capture the emotion of the moment perfectly.  The anticipation of this moment definitely adds an element of fun for the happy couple on their big day as well as an electrifying energy that is infectious to everyone involved in the wedding.  This magical moment lends itself to some of the most stunning photography from the entire wedding day, often bursting with touching emotion. 


However, following this wedding trend isn’t the right fit for every couple and there are several reasons why plenty of brides and grooms are saying “no thanks” and sticking with tradition.  To help you decide whether or the not the first look is right for you, here are some arguments for and against taking the plunge:  

Reasons to go for it:

  • You can check your wedding photography off your to-do list – Instead of going the traditional route and waiting to take wedding photos immediately following the ceremony (which can significantly cut into reception time), you can get a head start and get all of your official photography done beforehand.   That way, you will be able to spend more quality time with one another and your loved ones at your reception. Your photographer will then be able to capture more fun, spontaneous moments throughout your reception.  A first look session is also helpful if lighting will be at it’s best for photographs long before the ceremony begins.
  • It can help calm your nerves – Many couples feel so nervous about reciting their heartfelt vows that they worry they might freeze up and ruin the ceremony.  A first look will help you get that first round of jitters and anxiety out of your systems together!  On the other hand, some couples are just simply so excited to see each other that they don’t want to wait until walking down the aisle for that moment to happen.  
  • Capturing this moment will produce photos you will cherish forever – This intimate experience is a really special time for couples, and allows for a more relaxing atmosphere for photography.  Without all of your guests watching, you will be able to let your guards down and have a great time.  Furthermore, it gives you some time to hang out with your bridal party before all of the guests arrive.  

Reasons to wait for the ceremony:

  • You don’t want to break with tradition – While few of us really believe that seeing each other before the wedding ceremony is bad luck, there is something charmingly old-school about maintaining the tradition.  
  • You hate to spoil the element of surprise – If you have been dreaming of seeing your fiance’s face fill with emotion when he see you for the first time as you walk down the aisle, skip the first look.  You will treasure the memory of this romantic moment for the rest of your lives.   
  • You’ll get to share the special moment with all of your guests – This emotional time can be made even more significant when your guests and family get to be a part of it.

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