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Moms will Dazzle Top to Toe

Moms will Dazzle Top to Toe

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If you are visiting Garza Blanca Preserve with your mom around Mother’s Day this year, why not treat her to a special spa treatment that will leave her dazzling top to toe? All spa treatments include access to the spa’s hydrotherapy circuit, so, be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before your appointment to fully take advantage of the soothing facilities.

Our Spa Manager Recommends

Spa manager, Rosa González, has recommended a particularly pampering spa treatment for mothers this year. The Top to Toe Dazzle Package is one of the most comprehensive packages available, combining different treatments focused on relieving stress and bring out your natural beauty, including a relaxing massage to release any stress accumulated in the body, followed by a facial to encourage an appealing glow and firmness in the skin, closing with a body paste, manicure and pedicure. Expectant mothers can also enjoy this treatment, as the massage and facial can be customized accordingly under the guidance of the therapist.

The pampering treatment begins with a relaxing massage, which is ideal for any type of person but especially moms who are often saddled with many concerns, working 24/7 to keep the family happy. This massage will help appease muscle issues such as stiffness, knots and tension, relaxing the muscles, relieving pain, restoring elasticity, toning and stimulating circulation.

Massage at Spa Imagine Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

Once mom is fully relaxed after her massage, the spa’s signature 50-minute facial is applied. The Imagine Facial is fully customized according to the needs of your particular skin, and you are sure to see a big difference and improvement in your skin following the facial, making you feel and look your best. The Epicuren brand products featured in the facial are also for sale at Spa Imagine so that you can prolong the benefits of this facial by continuing at home.
And finally, but no less important, you will enjoy both a manicure and pedicure. You hands and feet deserve to look as beautiful as the rest of you, and are often the areas of our body we neglect most when attending to the general chores of the day. Our manicure and pedicure will exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and soften with a moisturizing cream that will leave your hands clean, smooth and soft without any stickiness.

So, why not treat yourself or your mom this Mother’s Day to a special Top to Toe Dazzle Package?


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