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An all-new spa, Spa Imagine Cancun, is scheduled for opening in 2022, at the prestigious Garza Blanca Cancun Resort & Spa in Mexico. This is already big news with spa enthusiasts across the globe, who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming pampering treatments in a prime location. The resort is situated in an idyllic area, on a wide stretch of sandy beach, just a 30-minute drive from Cancun International Airport.

With its impressive beaches, crystal-clear waters, secluded natural setting, and lush Caribbean jungle backdrop, Cancun has always been a favorite destination among luxury travelers, celebrities, and sunseekers.

Now add in the grand opening of the all-new Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Cancun and you’ve got yourself an extremely relaxing vacation, at the height of luxury.

The opening is set to generate a beauty buzz like no other, so if you want to be one of the first clients to become acquainted with the beauty treatments, facial treatments, and body treatments they will have on offer, please read on.

Escape With Us

If you’d like to visualize how a trip to Spa Imagine will play out, let us paint a beautiful picture. Their divine, narrative concept, and reason for pure indulgence, are stated in their succinct, and purist motto – “El Nirvana.’’

Defined as a state of liberation, to be free of all suffering, El Nirvana is achieved by humans at the end of their spiritual search, by being free of all bindings.

So, for wellness seekers, honeymooners into couples pampering, or for soul searchers who want a personal transformation, a full day of unlimited treatments at Spa Imagine promises to ground both the outer body and the inner spirit.

Cancun hotels have a history and culture of escapism with sheer class. This new venture is set to take spa culture to a whole new level, with a whole-body approach.

With pleasure appeal for everyone, the new space will undoubtedly become a wellness lover’s paradise, in paradise.

The Mirrors of the Soul

The outstanding decor and experience will start right at the reception. Clients will be greeted by an Ayurvedic atmosphere – white and gold finishes, with natural textures of stone and wood throughout, plus huge glass windows to create a clear space that transports one to a place of tranquility and mysticism.

Throughout the temple-like wellness entrance, realization that the scattered mirrors framing the walls (the mirrors of the soul), are to symbolize the metaphor of discovering oneself, at the start of the experience.

lobby spa imagine in cancun

The clean, elegant finishings displayed all around as one reaches the circular, golden reception desk, will create a futuristic welcome made in heaven, and with the spa logo centered, flanked by stunning drop lighting, the professional skincare products for sale, will be displayed with pride.

For those who want to make that feel-good feeling last, the spa will sell a top-of-the-line range of beauty products, including products from Natura Bissé. Home-care routines for the high-end face and body products will be explained easily, by the helpful and highly educated beauty experts, and skincare secrets and advice will be on hand.

Vitamin C Facial at Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta

Personal care through natural products shall be encouraged, and make-up, hair, manicures, and pedicures will be performed near the reception area, according to the same essence of El Nirvana.

For a different, full-day experience, one can then make their way through the sinuous-curved treatment corridors, with the marble flooring beneath, looking at the art series displayed of different emblematic Buddha characters.

Here will await the spa’s next invitation to discover the continued experience of a surprising mind/ body path.

Health and Healing Through Water

In stunning elegance, the bathrooms and dressing areas will have marble monolith effects of flashes of lightning, where one can prepare for, and be considered ready for a divine experience.

If it’s considered a wish to unwind even further one should not miss the next ‘gem spa’ experience, the cabin purification or steam room, where one will be able to take advantage of this detoxing therapy, to help elevate inner body temperature and increase blood circulation.

girl at spa imagine cancun

Warmth and well-being will be created inside, and you will feel hugged, and filled with energy. You will be able to cleanse your being and soul, or even detox to retox inside the steam-bath! It will be your own key and unique experience, to reach up to your own Nirvana.

The spa user of Spa Imagine, Cancun will reach the next part of their Nirvana journey using the hydrotherapy circuit prior to their treatment. This is where the spa user will find comfort through water, in the essence of a water spa.

girl at spa imagine cancun

With unique facilities using healing H20, for steam, bubbles, heat and tranquility, the striving towards optimal well-being and balance within the body will be aided with the correct combination of hot and cold stations during the hydrotherapy ritual, which honors the relaxing and healing properties of water.

This will include the sauna, pressure massage sensation showers, hot tub, and cold plunge, jacuzzi, and a six-cycle vitality pool, that will feature mini-massage stations in the warm water pool, designed to target different areas of the body: the feet, shoulders, lower back, upper back, and full body.

couple at sauna

These hydrotherapy experiences will help activate metabolism and relax the body, while basking in the areas of choice, silently affirming a positive mantra or phrase, this will really help the user prepare for their treatment.

It will be recommended to take some time to stop in the relaxation area where a huge window opens for a spectacular view- ‘a window to the sky’, allowing connection to the infinite, maritime horizon, should this spot be chosen.

Living the Nirvana Experience

The final stage in your path to enlightenment within the new Spa Imagine is your selected treatment in a soothing therapy room with state-of-the-art adjustable therapy beds.

The friendly, bilingual staff, will guide clients into treatment rooms, for nature-rooted, massage body sessions, to balance the mind, body, and spirit. By using special oil blends and aromas that release tension, while the energy treatments draw on global traditions to heal, the world-class spa and the staff will help dissolve any of life’s tensions.

spa treatments for woman

The treatments, for example, using the Ayurvedic face and body products, along with the latest in technology to get the most out of the experience, will all feature.

Within Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Cancun, the desire of the staff will be to help you experience Nirvana, through the materialization of the different timeless scenarios at each step. This will encourage the user’s senses to go to a higher state of consciousness – a place where the being can evolve to a level, where the body is simply allowed to just be.

This is an encounter we could all benefit from – to be privileged and blessed in being able to dissolve the outside world for just a while. We can all learn and grow from taking time out, and by having some time to reflect.

massage for a man

Whether we are on vacation or business, when we travel the best things are the wonderful hidden gems that take us by surprise!

If you do get to experience the new Spa Imagine in the near future, you will find priceless moments.

Garza Blanca Resorts are already renowned for fostering relaxing moments in extraordinary spaces, alongside affordable luxury.

Now with the opening of the newest Spa Imagine, they are set once again to be noticed, for introducing a glamorous addition to a truly international city.


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