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New Year, New You at Spa Imagine, Puerto Vallarta

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New Year’s Eve is always an electrifying time: fireworks, parties, music, dancing, spending time with loved ones. It is a chance for us to shed all the troubles weighing us down and reminisce on the good times. Then comes the first days and weeks of the new year and we get really to stand and face the year to come with enthusiasm and hope.  And what better place to get your mind, body and spirit aligned and focused than in breathtaking Puerto Vallarta? At Garza Blanca Resort’s Spa Imagine, you can make sure that you are your very best self to start of 2016.

Spa Imagine, Puerto Vallarta

Spa Imagine provides guests staying at both Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta with 360 degree views of the dazzling Pacific Ocean and awe-inspiring rainforest, allowing guests to get lost in the beauty around them while relishing in world-class spa treatments and facilities. Besides massages and other relaxing treatments, the lavish Puerto Vallarta health and beauty center provides wellness retreats, workshops, and individual and couples therapy rooms to ensure that you have an experience that is unique to you.

Peerless Hydrotherapy Circuit


All treatments at Spa Imagine include complimentary access to the lavish hydrotherapy facilities or you can simply reserve some time to indulge in the wet areas without booking a service. The hydrotherapy circuit at Spa Imagine includes a large relaxing whirlpool, pressure massage shower, an ice-cold lagoon, and relaxation loungers, all focused on pampering the most important person:  you. The highlight of the wet areas is the 6-cycle vitality pool which has 6 massage stations for you to try before relaxing in the lounge area.

Top Spa Imagine Treatments to Bring out the New You in the New Year

Here are some recommendations for you to try on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta when Spa Imagine should be top of your list!

Ancestral Mexican Hot Stone Massage

Take a step back in time with this unique treatment ritual that mixes modern techniques with traditions from Mexico’s rich history. Melt your troubles away and experience pure bliss while heated stones and quartzes are placed along your back in strategic places to help relieve stress, tension, and even begin to heal past injuries.

The Soul Connection (Couples Ritual)

​Book the Soul Connection treatment and deepen your bond with your significant other. You will experience individualized attention based on your needs while strengthening your relationship. The service begins with a brown sugar body scrub which will leave you and your partner feeling fresh and rejuvenated before moving on to the warming wax massage. Enjoy all of this while breathing in the refreshing aroma of a soya candle that not only awakens the senses but provides the body with nutrients like vitamins A and E, as well as aloe.

Chakra Balancing Ritual

​One of the most sought after treatments at Spa Imagine, the Chakra Balancing Ritual realigns the energy centers of your body using various relaxation and harmonizing techniques. First a basic questionnaire will be given, allowing therapists to create an experience that is totally unique to you and your needs. Next, begin to relax and release stress through a customized, replenishing exfoliation. Sink deeper into repose through a massage that is tailored to your specific needs and wants. Finally, to restore balance, a gemstone ritual will take place ensuring that you leave with your mind, body, and soul aligned and ready. Whether or not the chakra system is familiar to you, you will walk away with a sense of tranquility and centeredness.


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