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World-Class Spa at Garza Blanca Los Cabos for Couples

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Every couple occasionally needs a break to indulge and spend quality time together. Daily routines can be all consuming and it can take weeks, months or even years, before getting an opportunity to relax properly.

Taking a vacation is the best way to escape from the daily grind and there is nothing more relaxing than a beach getaway. Imagine enjoying nature, admiring beautiful landscapes, listening to birds singing and relaxing under the sun with your favorite drink in hand. All of this is made even better when you experience it with your partner by your side.

On a beach vacation, there are many activities couples can do to reconnect and enjoy quality time together, but a visit to a therapy spa is a plan that never fails and something that men and women enjoy equally.

Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos is one of most idyllic luxury spas in Los Cabos for wellness retreats and our spa treatments were designed with couples in mind. Couples will enjoy relaxation areas with heavenly high ceilings, state of the art installations and a soothing ambiance. Ocean views overlook the beautiful landscape of the Sea of ​​Cortez that bathes the beaches of Los Cabos.

The Crown Jewel

Spa Imagine is the crown jewel of Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos. The modern and elegant design of the spa makes it an oasis of relaxation with a revitalizing hydrotherapy circuit. At our world-class spa we offer an extensive menu of treatments to pamper the body from head to toe.  

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos is part of Tafer Resorts, a company with hotels that have been recognized with AAA Diamond certification. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta with Four Diamonds is one of them, and Hotel Mousai, the first and only resort with Five Diamonds in Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco, is another. Having these credentials, we know how to make sure our guests feel blissfully pampered.

The well-being of our guests is the most important thing for us, so, before entering Spa Imagine, we ask you to complete a questionnaire to learn about your health, such as finding out about any allergies, injuries, blood pressure problems, or possible pregnancy. By obtaining this information, we can take care of you by making sure the treatments we offer are fully tailored to your special requirements.

Hydrotherapy Circuit

Spa Imagine’s soothing experience begins with a unique hydrotherapy circuit, which is one of the most complete in Los Cabos. The purpose of this circuit is to take advantage of the healing and relaxing properties of water, and get rid of all the stress to leave you feeling relaxed before your treatment.

Couples can enjoy the circuit’s hot and cold stations together. Going through each one of them, you will feel how the body receives all the benefits of the water contact at different temperatures and pressures. Our hydrotherapy circuit includes a 10-station vitality pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, ice-cold dipping pool and power plunge shower. It’s the best way to begin your wellness journey at the spa, but the experience is optional. If you wish to use the hydrotherapy circuit, we recommend that you arrive at the spa 1 hour prior to your appointment so you can enjoy each of the hydrotherapy stations without rushing. If you opt not to, we recommend arriving 20 minutes prior to your appointment to register.

Couples Therapy Rooms

Spa Imagine offers a selection of specialty therapy suites with room temperature control and state of the art adjustable therapy beds. When you enter our treatment rooms, you will feel that you have reached heaven on earth. Although you may opt for a couples’ experience, all of our treatments are fully personalized.

Young couple having a massage in health spa center. Man and woman lying on their stomach on massage table.

Spa Menu

You can experience the ultimate journey to relaxation and surrender to bliss by selecting from a range of treatments given by our highly trained staff. At our world-class spa we offer a range of facials, massages and body treatments that offer you different health benefits.

We offer facials to revitalize, tone and cleanse the skin. The facial menu includes deep cleansing, anti-aging, revitalizing and instant beauty treatments.

Our range of massages includes: ancestral hot stone massage, deep tissue, relaxing, aromatic reflexology, restorative massage and more. We highly recommend the hot stone massage. Couples can experience sensual bliss with heated river rocks while the massage therapist positions the stones over key points of your body to melt away tension and stress. This relaxing therapy helps to balance energy centers and releases the body’s physical and mental exhaustion as the stones’ heat penetrates muscles and joints.

Couples can also indulge in specialized body treatments including an anti-aging tropical body wrap, citrus body perfection, soothing sun remedy or body renew polish.

Extra Pampering

At Spa Imagine, there’s always room for extra pampering. For couples to reach their ultimate beauty and wellness goals, we also offer beauty salon services including manicures and pedicures. After your treatment, you can enjoy a hot drink while admiring the amazing panoramic views.

Indulge as a couple at one of the most luxury spas in Los Cabos and give yourself the chance to relax and reconnect with each other while rejuvenating body, mind and spirit. After a holiday at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos and a visit to Spa Imagine, you will feel renewed, full of energy and ready for another chapter of your life as a couple.

Our Los Cabos all-inclusive resort is the best way to enjoy a beach getaway in Mexico. We have everything you need for an unforgettable vacation in paradise. In addition to our world-class spa, we have beautiful beachfront facilities, infinity pools and one located on our incredible rooftop. We also feature an unparalleled gastronomic offering with restaurants specializing in Mexican and international cuisine, fitness and recreational activities, as well as top-notch service that will make you want to stay forever. 

Surprise your partner by booking a vacation at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos. Plan a romantic getaway and enjoy our world-class spa. It will be our pleasure to receive you and make all the magic happen for you.


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