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Is Cancun Safe to Travel to this Year?

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When you are planning to visit another country, safety is always a key issue that you must consider. Common questions you might ask before choosing a travel destination are: Is the country safe? Are there areas to avoid? What can tourists do to stay safe and have the best experience? If you are considering Mexico as your next tourist destination, you might be wondering, is Cancun safe to travel to? This article covers all you need to know.

Is Cancun safe to travel to
Garza Blanca Cancun

Mexico is a great destination for tourists, though not all of Mexico is tourist-safe. Cancun is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, right in the southern area of the country, very close to the heart of the Mayan Peninsula. Its perfect tropical weather, extraordinary white sand beaches, all-inclusive luxury resorts, and top-notch culinary offering make it a favorite tourist destination for people all over the planet who want the best of both worlds: a naturally breathtaking location and world-class accommodation.

Is Cancun Safe to Travel to for All Tourists?

Cancun is a hotspot for tourists and one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Mexico because of its immense natural beauty, warm hospitality, and endless sunshine. But, is Cancun safe to travel to for all tourists?

Is Cancun safe to travel to for all tourists?

Similar to many other places in the world, traveling abroad always entails some risks, such as running into scammers, pickpockets, and petty thieves. However, the crime rate in Cancun is considerably lower than in other cities in Mexico as Cancun’s economy depends very much on tourism and the local authorities make it a point to keep the city safe, especially within the tourist areas. Other zones, such as the outskirts of the city, tend to be more dangerous, so do try and avoid them.

Plan your trip to Cancun ahead

Still, it is highly recommended, as with any travel plan abroad, to plan carefully, investigate, and be prepared, so that your visit to Cancun is as safe and fun as you envision it.

Plan Ahead

When traveling to Cancun, make sure to research your accommodations and their surroundings, beforehand. Preferably, book a hotel that is located within the Hotel zone or the up-and-coming area of Costa Mujeres. When selecting a hotel, be sure to check its ratings and guest reviews and try to choose a reputable and well-known resort chain, so that you are not surprised upon your arrival with a not so good hotel located in a not so safe part of the city.

Upon your arrival at Quintana Roo International Airport, remember to keep your personal belongings always in sight and your personal documentation with you at all times. Since airports are public places, it is not uncommon to run into pickpockets. Also, make sure to hail a cab from the established services within the airport, as they are the safest way to arrive to your hotel. Or ask your hotel if they offer transportation services, as that would be your safest bet.

Man opening the door of a black car

Always research the places you want to visit beforehand and ask at the hotel’s front desk or inquire with concierge about the best tours in Cancun. Be sure to visit the different archaeological sites, such as Chichén Itzá, and plan to take a day trip to Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, or the Riviera Maya. The same goes if you plan to engage in one of the many outdoor activities Cancun has to offer: make sure to ask concierge or front desk about reputable and well-known tour operators, so you can enjoy activities such as sailing, snorkeling, or swimming with dolphins.

Of course, if you are more the adventurous kind and you want to explore the destination on your own, it is always safer to ask at the front desk to help you book a car with a reputable taxi service, so that you can stay safe while exploring Cancun and the many extraordinary natural sites and locations the city has to offer.

Happy couple in Cancun

Now, if you want to dine or go out at night in Cancun, it is as safe as in any other city in the world. Just make sure you do your research. Ask your concierge for the best clubs or restaurants in the area and make sure to book a cab directly from the hotel. Remember: it is best to not to hail cabs or transportation on the street, as you want to minimize the risk of a not so pleasant experience or getting ripped off after a fun night out.

Is Cancun Safe to Travel to for Solo Tourists?

If you are wondering, is Cancun safe to travel to for solo travelers? The answer is yes, it is. If you plan to come to Cancun on your own, rest assured the locals are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. If you plan ahead, exercise caution, and use your common sense, you are sure to enjoy your visit and meet some new people.

is Cancun safe to travel to for solo travelers

When traveling solo, remember to have a safety contact back home and notify them of your whereabouts when going out alone, and also, let your concierge know when you are going out, so that they can give you the best recommendations, assist you in booking a taxi, make reservations, and aid you in anything you need to feel safe and have fun!

woman in isla mujeres

Is Cancun Safe to Travel to for Women?

Is Cancun safe to travel to for solo woman

Cancun is safe for female travelers, too. Whether you are a woman traveling alone, with a female friend, or a group of women, Cancun has a lot to offer. From exploring its mangrove jungle, beautiful cenotes, archeological sites, or exciting nightlife, you will enjoy an enriching vacation. Taking a group excursion is the perfect way to meet other people. Feel free to wander about the tourist zones, but as with anywhere else in the world, don’t go wandering on your own at night. If you do go out, let someone know where you’re going and be mindful of your surroundings. If you plan to visit the clubs, don’t accept drinks from strangers, and remember to drink in moderation.

Tips to have a Safe Trip to Cancun

When traveling abroad, it is better to be safe than sorry. And even though Cancun is safe, and a lovely place to visit, you should always make sure to follow some of the recommendations below.

Thinking woman

First, do not carry too much cash when you visit Cancun. Most places accept credit cards, and you will only need cash for tipping or minor purchases. Most places accept dollars as well, so if you are visiting from the United States, you might not need to exchange money. If you do need to take out money from an ATM, especially in the tourist areas, be extra mindful of your surroundings, and try to do it in your hotel, shops, malls, or other safer places than ATMs on the street, and always cover your PIN.

When visiting the beaches of Cancun, don’t be alarmed if you see soldiers in fatigues patrolling them. As part of a new initiative introduced by Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, members of the National Guard elite force have been stationed in several areas including Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum to keep tourists safe.

If you go out at night, try to stay within the tourist areas. Also, do not wear very flashy jewelry, watches, or accessories when you visit archaeological sites, as you may catch the eye of petty burglars.

Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Public transportation in Cancun is safe and the buses are well maintained. If you are staying in the Hotel Zone, buses can be a convenient way to travel to the different restaurants and bars downtown and the buses run every five minutes along the most popular routes, so you won’t be stuck waiting for long.

Always leave your itinerary and contact information, such as your hotel’s address, phone number, room number, plane reservations, and any other information to trusted friends or family, in case it is needed. It is also recommended that you keep your passport locked in the hotel safe and keep a photocopy of it with you.

 Leave your itinerary and contact information

It is also advisable that you acquire good travel insurance beforehand, in case you have a health issue or other major issues during your trip, to ensure that you are properly covered.

Remember, as with any trip to a foreign country, always use common sense and trust your instincts when traveling to Mexico and visiting Cancun. We hope this article has helped to assure you that Cancun is safe to travel to and when you choose to travel here, you will find a paradise on earth.


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