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Best Tacos in Cancun

Best Tacos in Cancun and Where to Find Them

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When you think of Mexico, some of the main things that will surely come to your mind are the beautiful landscapes, the warm weather, the turquoise seas, and overall, the food, specifically tacos; you can’t talk about Mexico without mentioning tacos. This guide will take you to the spots with the very best tacos in Cancun.

Worldwide famous and loved by everyone, Mexicans are proud of their tacos. That’s why while in Mexico you will rarely find a bad place to have tacos, especially in cities like Cancun, a city that attracts so many tourists, both national and international, because its variety of good tacos is impressive. You will easily find typical tacos from around the country in one city. If you’re planning your visit, below is a list of the top ten places to check out if you are looking to try the best tacos in Cancun. 

El Socio Naiz Taquería

This Mexican taco joint is the favorite of many locals and travelers because of their innovative food menu and their excellent cocktail menu. This is the place to go if you want an unusual taco experience with their crunchy rib eye taco topped with garlic cheese and onion jam, or even one of their vegan choices, which are delicious even for non-vegans, like their Bob Marley Taco, prepared with a hibiscus base with carrots and a chipotle dressing. This place is a full celebration of flavors! Located on Nader Avenue, El Socio Naiz Taquería serves some of the best tacos in Cancun.

Tacos Porky’s

Because many of the greatest taco joints in the country are street taco stands, Tacos Porky’s is a stand located on Yaxchilan Avenue. This taco spot brings to the table the style of a “taco chilango” which means a “taco from Mexico City”, a place where their street food is known for being the best in the country. Tacos Porky’s is the best choice to try organs in a taco, like their intestine with cheese taco which is unbelievable!

Tacos Rigo

Tacos in Cancun

Tacos Rigo has become a Cancun landmark being open in downtown since 1988. Famous for their colorful walls filled with famous cartoon characters as well as their salsas, including the famous “End of the World” salsa. Their taco selection includes: pastor, suadero, and tongue, also adopting the traditional flavors of the capital. The best way to eat this style of tacos is with a cold beer or an agua fresca, and this place has you covered with delicious horchata and hibiscus water choices and refreshing cold beers. They have two locations, one on Palenque Avenue and the other one on Las Torres Avenue. Both of them equally delicious!

Taqueria Coapeñitos 

Tacos are usually a cheap meal, but this place has very reasonable prices even for a taco joint! Their tacos are around 18 pesos each, which is less than one US dollar, and their specials are around 25 pesos, which is equivalent to $1.25 US dollars! They have amazing pastor, chicken, and steak tacos, but their specialty, the Coapeñito Taco, is a must try! It is made with a little bit of everything plus chorizo, surely one of the best tacos in Cancun! They offer a vegan menu as well, making this place perfect for everyone. They are located on Nader Avenue, so if you love people gazing, grab an outside table and make Taqueria Coapeñitos your favorite taco spot!   

Blanca Blue Restaurant

Best tacos in Cancun

You don’t have to leave your hotel to get some of the best tacos in Cancun. Garza Blanca Resort and Spa Cancun’s on-site Blanca Blue restaurant, specializes in innovative Mexican cuisine and offers a selection of three delicious taco options on their menu: the Baja fish tacos bringing the full flavor of the Northwest Mexican Coast; the beef tacos served with an amazing chickpea puree and a “drunk” salsa, which is a sauce prepared with chili and mezcal; and the capital of Mexico’s classic, tacos al pastor.

Blanca Blue is the perfect example of an amazing preparation of one of the most beloved Mexican dishes, but with the elegance that distinguishes Garza Blanca Resort and its guests. But if you are craving an amazing taco and just don’t want to leave the pool, the Baja style tacos at The Snack are the greatest in the region, they can be grilled or beer battered, topped with a strong chipotle mayonnaise over a handmade tortilla.

Taquería Los Chachalacos

Taquería Los Chachalacos is a classic pastor taquería, which is perfect for every mood at any time of day, whether you’re craving a good taco for lunch, for dinner, as an after party late night taco craving, or even as a snack! This local taco place has you covered with extended operating hours. three things make this spot special: first, five locations in the peninsula including one in Tulum and one in the heart of the hotel strip. Second, the meat is cooked on charcoal, which brings a unique and smoky flavor to your tacos. Third, free dessert! Yes, if you spend $150 pesos or more you get a free dessert!

El Polilla 

Carnitas tacos

El Polilla is Cancun’s not-so-hidden gem. El Polilla is a taco stand located at one of Cancun’s oldest open-air markets, Mercado Ki Huic. Once you’re there, it won’t be hard for you to find the spot since it will surely be crowded. This is the best carnitas spot in Cancun, which is the perfect breakfast taco and one of the best tacos in Cancun. Their portions are really generous, so for each taco you get two tortillas, that way you can make yourself a second taco! While at El Polilla, don’t forget to try their surtido taco, which is a mixture of different carnitas, and their famous sesadillas. Make sure to arrive early since they will run out of the best carnitas really fast! 

La Parrilla Mexican Grill 

A daily authentic Mexican celebration takes place at La Parrilla Mexican Grill in Cancun with live mariachi music and colorful decoration. That’s why many choose La Parrilla as the perfect spot for a special occasion, not to mention the wonderful Mexican food, especially their pastor and arrachera tacos. This place is one of the oldest spots in Cancun, open since 1975, so now you can be sure that they have experience serving their guests amazing food and giving them an even more amazing time. They are conveniently located downtown on Yaxchilan Avenue. 

Tacos Los Parejas

Barbacoa tacos

Tacos Los Parejas was born in Mexico City, but in 2004 they decided to make a move to Cancun where they became widely popular. Located on Tecnologico Avenue 51, Tacos Los Parejas will make you feel welcome and comfortable with their amazing service, everyone on the staff refers to their guests as “pareja” which means “partner”. They have a great variety of tacos such as: Pastor, steak, tongue, and a crowd favorite, the rib eye tacos. But what makes this place special happens on weekends, when they serve the most amazing barbacoa tacos!  

Los Tarascos Taquería 

Los Tarascos Taquería is a well-known taco chain with several locations across the country with five restaurants in Cancun, located on Tulum Avenue, Nichupte Avenue, 135 Avenue, La Luna Avenue, and Del Sol Avenue. Many people argue they serve the very best pastor in Cancun and with their extended hours, if you have a midnight taco craving, they will be open and waiting for you!

If having so many choices makes it difficult to decide where to go, you may also try a taco tour for a very reasonable price, where a guide will take you taco tasting through the streets of Cancun and the hotel zone and you will have a one-of-a-kind experience trying the best tacos in Cancun.  

Now with so many incredible taco joints, you may want to try a different one during every day of your vacation. One thing is for sure, you will not go home hungry! 


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