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Your Guide to Puerto Vallarta Street Food

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While you might already know that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is renowned for its wide range of gourmet eateries, this popular vacation destination is also home to some of the most amazing street food.  As you make your way around the area, you will encounter mobile food s tands galore that sell an array of foods such as fresh fruits and veggies cut up and sold incups, roasted chicken, fresh seafood cocktails, tamales, corn and, of course, tacos!  Consider these an upgrade from your trusty drive-thru back home; pull up and order their fresh-to-order eats straight from your car or taxi.  


Here are some tips to help you choose a food stand in your guide to Puerto Vallarta Street Food:

If locals love it, you probably will, too – When you spot a food stand in Puerto Vallarta that is busy with local clientele, you can bet there’s some great food being served.  Crowded stands also have rapid supply turnover, so you know your street food will be fabulously fresh!

Check for cleanliness- Examining the place for a few small details will clue you in to how clean they keep it.  Take a look to see if the salsa spoons are clean.  Look over the grill and make sure there is a hand washing area.  More good signs of high cleanliness standards are if the servers wear hats or have their hair pulled back and if they wear aprons.  

Ask for a sample- If you’re not sure you’ll like something and don’t want to commit to ordering it, it can’t hurt to ask for a sample.  Often, street food stands in Puerto Vallarta are more than happy to oblige.  

Salsas- Salsa is an absolute staple in the Mexican diet, especially with tacos, and the best food stands in Puerto Vallarta offer lots of variety.  You are likely to encounter colorful salsas ranging from red to orange to green made from chilies prepared in countless ways.  Whether freshly chopped, simmered or charred, they create culinary magic when combined with ingredients like cilantro, avocado, garlic, tomatoes or countless other secret flavors. Be sure to sample a little first to see how hot it is before plastering your taco in too-hot-to-eat salsa.


Be bold- While it is understandable that if you don’t fluently speak Spanish, you may feel shy about asking for something, but don’t hold back!  Most street food vendors in Puerto Vallarta know at least some English, so speak in your native tongue or use what Spanish you do know.  Gestures are a universal language, so act it out if you need to- you don’t want a language barrier to be the reason you missed out on an incredible dining experience!

The Malecon- Every evening, the southern stretch of Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk transforms into a bustling zone of food vendors selling treats of all types, from corn in a cup to customized crepes.  This is a prime location to grab a yummy snack and people watch.  

If you would rather leave the Puerto Vallarta street food choices up to professionals, you might choose to experience an exciting street food tour with one of the following companies:


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