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Recommendations for Beach Wedding Hairstyles

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Regardless of your personal style, whether it’s elegant, trendy, bohemian or classic, there is no doubt you want to look amazing during your beach wedding.  Planning a head-to-toe look beyond just your dress is important for your big day, and your hair is a key factor in the overall effect of your appearance, tying in with the style of your gown and complementing your face.    

If you are planning a beach wedding in an area like Puerto Vallarta, keep in mind that your hairstyle should be appropriate for likely weather conditions such as heat, humidity and mild wind.  While it may be tempting to go for flowy waves or side swept looks that allow your hair to stay down, anyone who lives or works near the beach will tell you that braids or an updo is the way to go.  A hairstyle that keeps your tresses off of your neck and shoulders during your beach wedding will keep you feeling cool and comfortable while also keeping it in place for your ceremony, photos and reception, meaning you can focus on more important things!

Here are some of the top beach wedding hairstyles perfect for the outdoors:

Wedding Braids

 Wedding Braids

Because they can be designed in countless shapes and sizes, braids are an amazing way to achieve a unique hairstyle for your beach wedding.  Braided crowns that incorporate floral details, as well as Dutch and French braids, are extremely popular choices.  Braids keep your hair off of your neck and out of your face, and require minimal styling products and pins, making them comfortable to wear all day long.



Buns allow you to play around and find your ideal look with variations such as ballerina buns, side buns, double buns and bow-tie buns.  You will look gorgeous and elegant while feeling relaxed, knowing your hair is secure.  As evidenced by this amazing style to the right, braids and buns also look terrific when combined together. Beautiful for a beach wedding!



Chignons are perfect for beach weddings and hot weather when you are looking for a chic and elegant updo.  This look always features a coil of hair placed at the back of the head but can be varied with a center part or swept to one side.  The chignon should be large enough that it is visible from the front as well as from behind.

Side swept

side swept

If you just can’t let go of the idea that your long hair should be shown off, a side swept hairdo will allow you to still keep it under control and off of your neck while highlighting your stunning mane.  Some fun ideas to incorporate into a side swept style are braids, twists, or one big coil to tame hair in a sophisticated fashion throughout your beach wedding.

Gibson Roll

gibson roll

This updo, which features hair rolled and tucked upward, is one of the best-loved styles for those seeking a classic or vintage vibe for their wedding.  Similar to the chignon, a soft roll of hair is positioned at the nape of the neck.  It has a soft look that can easily be enhanced with floral details or a light train.

Why not add your own photos to the comments box and show off your locks during your beach wedding.


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