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Stargazing in Puerto Vallarta

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If you love watching the night sky in hopes of seeing a shooting star or to identify the Big Dipper or the Seven Sisters constellations, then winter is the perfect time to visit Puerto Vallarta. The night sky is generally crystal clear during the winter months, providing ideal conditions for stargazing and recognizing the contours of the moon. Garza Blanca Resort and Hotel Mousai are in the perfect location for stargazing, set away from the light pollution of Puerto Vallarta.

At Garza Blanca resort and Hotel Mousai, you can now take advantage of a brand new free activity to observe this natural spectacle. The Stargazing activity will be available for guests to enjoy from January 2015, taking place once or twice a week according to weather conditions and the possibility of shooting stars.

Guests are invited to meet at the oceanfront pool deck, next to the family pool, to observe the projections from a powerful telescope. The telescope will face different constellations and planets, linked to a projector so that everyone can see the stars in greater detail. Accompanying the activity, you will hear a short explanation about what your are looking at, including stars, nebulas, galaxies and the surface of the moon (depending on the moon phrase, of course).

This is a great activity to meet other guests and learn something new about the stars at night in a warm, balmy setting.

Photo Credit: Nick Ulivieri



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