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Turkey at Thanksgiving

Who’d Be a Turkey at Thanksgiving

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For many people, both in the United States and Canada, a traditional Thanksgiving meal would just not be complete without a turkey. However, historians suggest that the food most likely to have been eaten by the Plymouth Pilgrims and their Wampanoag Indian guests was fish, rabbit, chicken, nuts, beans, squash, goat cheese and maple syrup.

 Nevertheless, today the fate of turkeys throughout the United States and Canada is sealed around the time of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated yearly on the second Monday in October in Canada and the fourth weekend in November in the USA.

 Here are some interesting facts about turkeys to entertain you this Thanksgiving

  • More than 280 million turkeys are sold at Thanksgiving.
  • Make turkeys gobble, hens make a clucking noise.
  • Most of the turkeys you buy at Thanksgiving were never able to fly.
  • For your average 15 pound turkey, you can expect 30% dark meat and 70% white meat.
  • There is more protein in turkey than beef or chicken.
  • Turkeys purchased around Thanksgiving weigh on average 15 pounds.
  • The heaviest turkey recorded was the size of a large dog, weighing around 86 pounds
  • You can expect a turkey to have around 3500 feathers when mature.
  • Turkeys have poor vision at night and in the dark.
  • To raise a 30 pound turkey, you would need at least 75 pounds of feed.
  • A fryer is the name of a young turkey (around 16 weeks old), a roaster is a 5 -7 month old turkey.

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