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Best places in Mexico to go kayaking with kids

Best Places in Mexico to go Kayaking with Kids

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Mexico is the world’s ultimate destination for kayaking. It has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, with white sand, clear waters, and stunning coastlines. The country offers you the chance to see natural wonders, deep canyons, and jungle scenery – all with the power of your paddle. Whether you are an experienced kayaker or trying water sports for the first time, kayaking is a perfect family activity and a great way of making memories out on the water. Discover Mexico’s best places to go kayaking with kids!

What are the best places to kayak in Mexico?

With so many incredible beaches, you can’t really go wrong with water activities like kayaking in Mexico.

But Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta are some of the best places in the country to pick up a paddle and go kayaking with kids.

One of the main factors in their popularity is the incredible weather these coastal cities enjoy all year round. They enjoy almost endless sunshine, and their waters are warm and inviting.

Kayaking in Cabo San Lucas

Kayaking with kids in Los Cabos

What better place to kayak than the aquarium of the world? The Sea of Cortez earned this title because of its immense diversity of marine life. Take a trip out to one of the best kayaking trails in Mexico, and you can catch glimpses of dolphins and sea lions and a spot of whale watching on the Baja Peninsula.

One of the other main attractions is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. This is a natural and spectacular rock formation millions of years old. Adding to the wonder it inspires, Los Cabos locals nicknamed it Land’s End.

Keep reading to discover more spots to go kayaking with kids!

Kayaking in Puerto Vallarta

Kayaking with kids in Puerto Vallarta

There is never a shortage of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. It is a one-stop destination for outdoor activities, such as zip lining, snorkeling, and boat tours, to mention a few of the activities it offers.

But one of the highlights is kayaking. Here you will find Los Arcos, which translates as the arches. This is part of Los Arcos National Marine Park, a series of small islands off the coast. These are home to a fantastic array of sea life and birds that live on these iconic rock formations.

Kayaking in Cancun

Kayaking with kids in Cancun

The Riviera Maya is one of the most fascinating places for kayaking, running close to Mayan ruins and archaeological sites.

But perhaps the best place to kayak is Garza Blanca Cancun’s beach. The resort’s all-inclusive plan includes activities, and kayaking is the one guests enjoy the most! The resort provides tours and all necessary equipment for the experience. Thanks to its secluded location, a colorful array of marine life, pristine ocean views, and exciting fitness adventures are always guaranteed!

Is kayaking a good activity for families?

Family activities in Puerto Vallarta
Kayak tour for families at Garza Blanca Preserve Puerto Vallarta

Kayaking is an excellent activity for a family vacation. It’s low impact; you can take things at your own pace and share a boat with your children.

That means you can let them paddle as much, or as little, as they like. During your time on the water, you can stay close together to ensure they stay safe and have an amazing experience.

It is recommended that children aged eight and above find it easier to join in with the paddling, but younger children can come along, enjoy the ride and take in the sights as a passenger.

Kayaking at Garza Blanca resorts

Kayaking at Garza Blanca
Garza Blanca’s kayak tour

All guests at Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta and Garza Blanca Cancun have access to kayaks, whether you want a quick paddle or to sign up for a tour.

Our tours will show you the best spots to visit and are open to every guest, no matter the level of their kayaking experience.

These kayaking tours are among the host of daily activities at Garza Blanca resorts, allowing you to try new activities or take a few hours to indulge in your passions while away on vacation.


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