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Mexico is a Safe Place for a Family Vacation

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With breathtaking views, amazing cities, colorful towns filled with history and culture, and, of course, its beautiful beaches, Mexico is the favorite destination of many tourists. However, as it happens whenever someone is considering to travel to a new country, a question arouse on the mind of many: Is Mexico safe for a family vacation? Keep reading to find out why Mexico is the safest place for the best family vacation ever!

Is Mexico Safe to Visit Right Now? 

As it is true with many destinations, the answer is always yes! Consider the facts: over 6 million people travel to Mexico’s tourist destinations each year, and most do so without trouble. After all, tourism is one of the most important economic activities in Mexico.

Garza Blanca Cancun’s beach

But, as any will do when traveling anywhere else, we advise you do some research and planning, so that you can have the best family vacation in Mexico!

Is Mexico Safe to Travel to with Family? 

There are many spots in Mexico that are safe-havens for tourists and also, family friendly, such as Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Oaxaca, or Cancun, a lovely coastal town located in the Mexican Caribbean and a great place to vacation at with your kids.

Family photo at the beach

Cancun allows tourists and their families to explore its many beaches, markets, local streets filled with art, and its vibrant culture, safely. Cancun is very family oriented, with tons of fun activities available for the little ones such as water and land activities and so much more!

Family playing at the beach

So, yes, there are some areas that are not only safe, but actually really fun to travel to with family in Mexico, just do your research and follow our recommendations!

Tips for Staying at a Hotel with Kids

Once you are in your hotel, talk to your concierge about the activities and sights available, as they will give you the best recommendations. Also, research the activities you want to try, where they are located, how to get there safely (most hotels will be glad to help with reservations), and what are the dos and don’ts regarding children.

Water activities in Cancun
Mother and son snorkeling in Cancun

When dealing with food and kids, there are some very important recommendations as well. Mexican food is delicious, but it can also be very spicy, so make sure to point to your server that it is for the kids. Street food is a must, but make sure to try it at places that look like they are popular with locals.

Fruit seller in Cancun

If you travel to a coastal city like Puerto Vallarta, make sure you and your family wear sunscreen, and for the kids, protective clothing might be necessary when outdoors, since temperatures can be very hot. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water.

So, as you can see, Mexico can be a very friendly vacation destination for you and your family, go ahead and plan the vacation of a lifetime!


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