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Diana Navarro - Lobby Ambassador at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa

Diana Navarro on Life and Her Role at One of the Best Luxury Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

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It is difficult to imagine having an even more personalized service at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, one of the best luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta. However, guests choosing to make their reservations at the optional all inclusive resort on Puerto Vallarta’s south shore can revel in knowing that Garza Blanca’s Lobby Ambassador will guarantee that the requests of each and every guests is met with a professional and efficient response.  Filling this important position at the luxurious all-inclusive hotel is Diana Berenice Navarro Aguilar, an upbeat individual who strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

Lobby Ambassador

For the past few months, Diana Navarro, the resort’s Lobby Ambassador, has been working her magic and charming guests with her exceptional attention to detail and charismatic personality to make sure that Garza Blanca maintains its place as one of the best luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta.  The Mexico City native is committed to creating positive experiences for Garza Blanca’s all inclusive and European plan guests, and her heartfelt dedication to providing unforgettable moments has not gone unnoticed.  Guests are relying on Navarro for more than just the usual resort related needs; they’re looking to her to turn their Puerto Vallarta vacation into something extraordinary.

Diana’s Role at One of the Best Luxury Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Diana Navarro on Life and Her Role at One of the Best Luxury Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

As the Lobby Ambassador, Navarro is responsible for being the contact between Garza Blanca Resort guests and the management team before, during and after their stay.  “I ensure everything is in place and that our guest are happy,” said Navarro of her role at the top luxury hotel in Puerto Vallarta.  “My main priority is to meet each member personally and make sure they have everything they need for a fabulous vacation in Puerto Vallarta, liaising with the different departments when necessary.”  Among her duties, Navarro meets and greets guests and residence club members as they complete check-in, providing them with her personal email address and phone number so that guests can get in touch with her whenever they need.

With a master’s degree in both business and life coaching, Navarro seems made for the position of Lobby Ambassador, which was first created by Marc Dobbels, the award winning resort’s previous General Manager who handed over to Eliezer Quiñones at the end of 2015. The goal was to provide Garza Blanca guests with an enhanced service experience, where a devoted individual could assist in responding to special requests, unique needs and everything in between for unbeatable vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

Excelling in her previous role as hostess of Blanca Blue Restaurant, Navarro was a shoo-in for the job.  She constantly went above and beyond, showing a genuine interest in the lives of the individuals she served.  Inspired by the “living postcard” she sees from the hotel lobby on a daily basis, Navarro loves making people smile.  “When someone is speechless because they have had not just a great time, but an unforgettable experience, waking up in the morning is worth it,” notes the enthusiastic Lobby Ambassador, who can most often be found strolling around the pools or in the lobby greeting guests and tending to their needs.  “I love being part of making guests’ experiences in Puerto Vallarta go beyond what they expected and keeping us in the forefront as one of the best luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta.”

For Garza Blanca Resort & Spa guests, the accessibility of a lobby ambassador is sure to make their Puerto Vallarta vacation all the more incredible.  Whether making contact with Navarro through one of her personal courtesy calls or seeking out her assistance in the lobby of the upscale resort in Puerto Vallarta, the added measure of having someone specially dedicated to fulfilling their wishes is sure to enhance what is already an amazing vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


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