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Only the Best Therapy Suites at One of the Top Spas in Puerto Vallarta

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Spa Imagine is one of those places where it feels like you are coming home; a place where your troubles are left at the door and your wellbeing becomes the number one priority of everyone that you meet. Greeted by golden Buddha statues and Spa Imagine’s hostess, your journey towards bliss begins for a spa session you will wish would last a lifetime.

The Best Therapy Suites at one of the Top Spas in Puerto Vallarta

Creating the right environment for you to meet your wellness and beauty goals in a luxurious and stress free manner was central to the design and a concept of Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Located on the 15th Floor of Hotel Mousai at the heart of the Garza Blanca Preserve, the views of Banderas Bay while basking in the hydrotherapy circuit and chilling out in the relaxation lounge form part of your healing processes. Losing yourself in beauty of the clouds enhances your experience and leaves you ready for your luxury spa treatments in the tailor-made therapy suites of one of the top spas in Puerto Vallarta.

State of the Art therapy Suites

The body’s energies centers known as chakras were the inspiration behind each of the luxury therapy suites at hotel spa of Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta. The name and decor of the spa cabins reference each one of the seven chakras of the body, taking the name of the sounds that are associated with the energy centers: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, SHAM, and OM. The eight suite at Spa Imagine is named Aura, which is a speciality suite for Brides, or VIPs and their entourage.

Therapy suites in Puerto Vallarta

In addition to the Aura bridal suite, there are two other specialty spa cabins, Ram and Yan, which have two massage beds for couples massages and rituals, whether with your partner, best friend, mother or daughter, father or son. Ram is a particularly elegant suite with a jetted hot tub and area for a foot ritual.

Spa Imagine in Puerto Vallarta is no ordinary hotel spa, it is a destination in its own right, attracting seekers for spa retreats and spa inspired vacations in Puerto Vallarta. Make your next getaway in Mexico a blissful encounter with paradise by booking your stay at Garza Blanca Resort, one of Puerto Vallarta’s top luxury hotels.


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