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Garza Blanca on AAA’s Four Diamond List in 2020

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Travel and leisure company AAA released its 2020 Four Diamond Hotel List on February 19, and Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta is on the list again this year!

The world’s largest publisher of travel information, AAA compiles a list of Four Diamond hotels every year to help its members find the best places to stay in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The list is based on the diamond certificate rating granted to each hotel by AAA in the previous year through AAA’s inspections. Every hotel on the 2020 Four Diamond Hotel List earned the Four Diamond Award in 2019.

Four Diamond Quality

What is the Four Diamond Award? AAA conducts anonymous, in-person evaluations of thousands of hotels throughout North America every year. Inspectors visit each hotel posing as normal guests, while they are actually checking out the design and decor of the hotel all the way from the common spaces to the individual rooms, checking the cleanliness and overall vibe of the hotel, checking the restaurants and bars for creativity and quality, and checking the service provided by the staff. The inspector assigns a diamond rating to each hotel after his or her stay.

AAA Inspector
Facility management technician filling inspection form

The diamond ratings are on a 5-point scale from basic to super luxury. Each diamond on the scale indicates a higher level of services and amenities. One Diamond indicates basic sleeping quarters for a low price; Two Diamonds are a step up the scale, but still affordable where you can expect casual and comfortable accommodations; Three Diamonds are further up the scale with accommodation that will have many of the comforts of home, as well as some services; Four Diamonds are a bigger step up the scale to the kind of hotel or resort that travelers might like to visit for a special occasion, where they can find luxurious comfort, plenty of amenities and full service; Five Diamonds indicate the highest possible luxury indulgence on AAA’s scale.

Only 6.5% of the nearly 27,000 hotels evaluated by AAA each year earn the Four Diamond Award. This prestigious award is granted to hotels that pass AAA’s specific criteria. According to AAA, Four Diamond hotels “are noted for upscale style and amenities enhanced with the right touch of service.”

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Receives Four Diamond Award in 2019

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta proudly received the Four Diamond Award for the fifth consecutive year in 2019.

Four Diamond Philosophy

Garza Blanca strives to be the best family resort in the Banderas Bay Area by focusing on the guest experience. Our team is known for their high level of service and attention to detail. We are guided by our parent company, TAFER Resorts, and its philosophy of merging excellence, quality, and creativity to reflect the artistry that lies at the heart of the leisure industry. As a company, TAFER Resorts encompasses every aspect of the hospitality industry, including hotel design and construction, resort management, timeshare and residence clubs, marketing and concept design, and tour and travel agent services. All of these pieces work together to ensure the highest possible quality in every aspect of the resort. As a result, Garza Blanca under the leadership of TAFER Resorts and General Manager Daniel Lopez has been able to earn and keep AAA’s Four Diamond Award for several years in a row.


Style, Amenities, Service

Some of the factors that have contributed to Garza Blanca earning the Four Diamond Award include the comfort of our rooms and common areas, the quality of our restaurants, pools, spa and activities, and the high level of service provided by our staff.

When you walk into the front lobby in Garza Blanca, you immediately know you are in for a different and more relaxing experience than you will find at other hotels. The first thing you will notice is the gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean from our lobby. The enormous doorway leading from the lobby to the pool frames the ocean view perfectly, drawing the eye and creating a sense of calm and well-being from the moment you walk in. The next thing you will notice is the reception area. Unlike many hotels that have a long, high counter, bright lights, and a line to wait in, Garza Blanca has just four executive desks with oversized traditional furniture. This comfortable area also creates a sense of calm and luxury. Guests sit comfortably in a more intimate environment, enjoying the view while our reception agents take care of check-in. The reception area surely gives us extra points towards the Four Diamond Award.

Garza Blanca Lobby

In 2018, TAFER Resorts launched its signature line of mattresses manufactured to the specs set by TAFER. All of the rooms and suites at Garza Blanca have TAFER Signature mattresses, which is why the beds are so comfortable. This is an investment that TAFER has made at all of its resorts, and one of the factors that helped Garza Blanca earn the Four Diamond Award.

Many people do not know that Garza Blanca has a commissary kitchen on the property that is responsible for preparing everything that all of the restaurants need. The commissary kitchen prepares salsas and sauces, bakes bread and does the prep work for Blanca Blue, BocaDos Steak House and the other restaurants on the property. Everything is made fresh on the property to remove the need for frozen or highly processed food to be used. This is one of the secrets to Garza Blanca’s high-quality restaurants, and another reason why we have earned the Four Diamond Award.

Pulmo, Platillo Gourmet en Garza Blanca Resorts

The housekeeping staff at Garza Blanca is trained in AAA’s requirements for the Four Diamond Award, and the staff reviews these guidelines regularly. When housekeeping runs smoothly, the guests never notice it, and this is our goal. Every detail of the guest experience is important to us, and this is another reason why we have earned Four Diamonds.


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