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Tips for Choosing a Fabulous Wedding DJ

Tips for Choosing a Fabulous Wedding DJ

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Believe it or not, the wedding DJ can be the make or break of your wedding reception. You can live with an tough piece of steak or floral arrangements that didn’t turn out like the photograph, but a bad DJ can kill the atmosphere of your special day. So here goes some tips on how to choose a wedding DJ that will reflect the atmosphere that you want.



Every party is different, and although we may think it is obvious what a good wedding reception party should be like, not everyone has the same taste; while some people are desperate to dance La Macarena with their Aunt Maude other couples have the same track on their “do not play under any circumstance” list. When directing your DJ, make sure he or she understands what kind of party you wish to create.


Once you have an idea of the kind of DJ you want, you can start looking for the right person. Asking to see videos of other weddings will give you an idea of their repertoire. You may also take into consideration their personality and general appearance; are they friendly and well presented? Will they get precious when your mother asks to have the music turned down?


Asking your favorite DJ from the local trendy nightclub to play at your wedding is a risk. Unless you know for sure that all of your friends will be up dancing to the latest tracks, the reality is that if the DJ is not playing stuff that’s on the radio, you might find the older generation bored in their seats complaining about how you can’t beat the Beatles. For a really successful party, the music at your wedding reception needs to reflect your guests as well as you and your new spouse.


To help your DJ understand your taste in music, it is a good idea to write a list of your favorite party anthems that you would like to hear and ones that are a definite no, no! That way, you can be sure your DJ has a good grasp of your music taste.


A sound check is essential unless the venue where you are hosting your wedding reception has it all organized. Check with your DJ the type of equipment he or she has, including lights, speakers, adapters, connections and the like. See if they offer a special package that includes all the equipment in addition to their appearance fees.


Specify how late your wedding will continue and negotiate before the night of your wedding if you are going to have an after party! You may find that you need a team of DJs! There is nothing worse than the DJ packing up at midnight while your guests are just getting ready for Gangnam Style dance-floor tricks.


Ask to see references and check to see if they are genuine. You do not want to be let down at the last minute because you haven’t done your homework and the DJ has run off with your deposit.


Decide what your budget is and shop around. Although you shouldn’t scrimp on the DJ, you shouldn’t pay over the odds either.


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