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Puerto Vallarta’s ArtWalk

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Each Wednesday evening from October through May, art lovers visiting Puerto Vallarta can take part in the weekly ArtWalk. Puerto Vallarta’s ArtWalk is a casual event where tourists on vacation can meet local artists and gallery owners over a glass of wine or non-alcoholic refreshments in some of the best galleries in Puerto Vallarta. During the 2014-2015 Artwalk season from October 29 through May 27, participating galleries will open each Wednesday night from 6pm to 10pm in addition to their usual opening times.

The ArtWalk in Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other art enthusiasts and see what Puerto Vallarta’s buzzing art scene has to offer. Wednesday night ArtWalk is the preferred time for galleries to schedule openings and special exhibitions, and frequently artists will be present to discuss their work.

Attending the ArtWalk is free and easy to do. There is a special ArtWalk map whereby you can identify the participating galleries and follow a trail to find a great selection of artworks. You can find the map in galleries located in the center of Puerto Vallarta or ask the concierge at Garza Blanca for a copy. The map will guide you through the gallery options close to the Malecon boardwalk, all of which are in walking distance of each other.

It is also worth mentioning that there are lots of great galleries in Puerto Vallarta which are not officially involved with the ArtWalk that you can visit, as well as a similar artsy event in the Old Town on Friday evenings called the South Side Shuffle.

Below you will find a list of the galleries participating in the ArtWalk for the 2014-2015 season:


Galería Whitlow

Galería Corsica I & II

Galería Pacifico

Caballito de Mar

The Loft Gallery

Galería del Ollas

PV Santana

For a link to the ArtWalk map, click here



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