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Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta During COVID

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Since the pandemic hit in nearly every country starting in 2019, it upended life in many parts of the world as we saw the start of a new normal, which changed the world as we knew it. Words we were not familiar with started to become part of everyone’s daily vocabulary: COVID-19, coronavirus, and most recently the buzz word is Omicron variant. The good news is that with baby steps and new health and safety standards, the world has been opening up again and travel is resuming. Recently, Travel & Leisure selected Mexico as the 2022 Destination of the Year. If you are dreaming of taking a holiday, Puerto Vallarta is one of the top beach destinations in the country. Here’s all you need to know about traveling to Puerto Vallarta during COVID-19.

Puerto Vallarta, in the State of Jalisco, has implemented health and safety standards to stop the spread of COVID-19, so that visitors can travel here with confidence. After the pandemic hit, the World Travel and Tourism Council created an initiative called the Safe Travels Stamp. The stamp helps travelers recognize governments and companies that have adopted the safety measures outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Puerto Vallarta received the Safe Travels Stamp in June 2020, signaling to travelers that it is safe to visit Puerto Vallarta during COVID.

Since that time, Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta has continued to adhere to strict protocols and earned the certificate of hygiene and safety compliance for 2020 granted by Preverisk.

If you are wondering whether it’s safe to visit Puerto Vallarta, here is some information you should know.

Puerto Vallarta International Airport is Open

The airport in Puerto Vallarta is open and is receiving several international flights daily. At the airport, health, sanitization and prevention measures such as social distancing and the use of hand sanitizing gel are being strictly adhered to.

Visitors are not required to quarantine upon arrival. Up until recently the only entry requirement was for visitors to fill out an online health questionnaire and scan the QR code before leaving their home airport and again at customs upon arrival in Mexico. This form asked for health-related information, such as if the passenger has had any symptoms of fever or coughing or been in contact with anyone who had a confirmed case of COVID-19. Mexico officially discontinued this form on January 1, 2022. Now the only entry requirements are back to what they were pre-COVID, and visitors just need to fill out an Entry Immigration Form in order to receive their Tourist Card valid for up to 180 days based on the discretion of the border official.

Public Spaces and Beaches

Puerto Vallarta has been operating on a Traffic Light system since the start of the pandemic, which indicates the level of contagion and is updated every two weeks. The Traffic Light for the state of Jalisco for the period from January 10th to 23rd, 2022 is green, indicating that there is a low risk of contagion and business activities are operating as normal, schools, public spaces, and beaches are open. Visitors and locals are still expected to wear face masks in all public areas, use hand sanitizing gel before entering shops, and observe social distancing.

Resorts in Puerto Vallarta are open and taking special safety precautions per government mandates. Many are even going above and beyond the legal requirements to make sure guests feel comfortable and many offer on-site COVID-19 testing, which is required by the USA, Canada, and other countries before travelers are allowed to board their inbound flights.

Tour operators are running at reduced capacity and observing safety measures. There are many tours running safely in Puerto Vallarta during COVID. As an example, imagine an ATV tour, riding your own ATV outside, with plenty of space between you and other people. Snorkeling, kayaking, and many extreme tours can be done safely in small groups with social distancing.

When you visit Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta for a summer getaway, you will find endless adventures and activities to do that are COVID-safe.

Snorkeling and Kayaking at Los Arcos 

One of the best outdoor activities to do when you visit Garza Blanca is snorkeling or kayaking at Los Arcos. Los Arcos is the name for the rock islands visible from Garza Blanca’s lobby, Blanca Blue, and the beach. These islands and the water around them form a marine preserve that is home to colorful tropical fish, rare birds, and many other species of marine life. Our activities guides lead kayak and snorkeling tours to Los Arcos every day of the week at 8:00 am.

Outdoor Exercise Classes

What better way to keep up your fitness training than to do it outdoors in a beautiful tropical setting? Garza Blanca offers outdoor exercise classes including yoga, stretching, and tai chi daily at 9:00 am at TierraLuna Gardens, apart from Thursdays and Sundays. Consult the program for the activities schedule.

Connect with your inner self while stretching and toning your muscles and practicing relaxation techniques. Join our expert yoga and tai chi teachers in these Eastern arts of movement, meditation, and relaxation. Encounter a state of well-being as you learn techniques to control your body and calm your mind. These classes are held in small groups with social distancing and safety protocols and are a great way to bring some movement to the body while enjoying the beautiful ocean and jungle scenery that Puerto Vallarta is most famous for.

River, Waterfall, and Mountain Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful outdoor activity. Garza Blanca has a hiking guide who takes small groups every day at 10:00 am. There are different levels of hiking from intermediate to advanced lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours. The hiking tours are through the Sierra Madre Occidental located next to the resort. The trails are well marked and some have ropes installed to help you climb up steep inclines. Be sure to wear sports clothing, hiking shoes, apply insect repellant, and bring a bottle of water with you. You are advised to carry a small backpack to carry your water and keep your hands free, as well as a snack, sunscreen, and anything else you might need.

Outdoor Sporting Games 

Join us every day at 4:00 pm for a variety of outdoor sporting games. On Mondays and Thursdays, we play Bocce Ball; on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we play BasketBall; on Wednesdays, we play Horseshoes; and on Thursdays we play Squash. These games are great fun in small groups, and feed the need for a little friendly competition.

Wine and Tequila Tasting

Did you know that the state of Jalisco is famous for its tequila? Join us at Blanca Blue every Friday at 4:00 pm to learn about different kinds of tequila from our certified experts, and to taste them for yourself.

Wine tastings are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 pm at BocaDos Steak House by our expert sommeliers.

Reservations are required for both tastings.

Visit the Cuale River

The Cuale River runs through the center of downtown Puerto Vallarta, and there are two islands in the middle of the river that function as city parks. On the eastern island, you will find colorful street art, weathered statues, and a tall staircase in green and yellow tiles designed to resemble an iguana’s tail headed up into classic homes on cobbled streets.

The western island features colorful artisan stalls filled with local art, knick-knacks, clothes and souvenirs. This is a great place to experience art & culture while walking in the open air.

Spa Day at Spa Imagine

Spa Imagine is open and our therapists have been trained in COVID safety, so you can relax and enjoy your treatments.

We look forward to receiving you during your next trip to Puerto Vallarta! If you have any additional questions about COVID safety, please call our front desk and ask for the latest information. COVID-19 testing is available for a discounted rate at Garza Blanca Resort.


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