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How to Add Blue to your Wedding

How to Add Blue to your Wedding

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That old English adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, sixpence in your shoe,” has really got brides everywhere in a tizz about how they can get the color blue into their wedding attire somehow. This may be because they want to uphold tradition, or because they simply believe it will be good luck, but whatever the case it can be tough! From shoes to flowers and everything in between there’s almost nothing that hasn’t been turned blue for some wedding or other. Here are our top 5 ways to get blue into your wedding outfit;

  1. Jewelry

You can always count on jewels to add elegance to any outfit, and there are few better ways to get blue into your wedding attire than with a sapphire necklace or topaz earrings. This is effortless, elegant and sophisticated, but it could also be efficient. Why not tick something else off the list by borrowing a statement piece from an aunt, your mother, best-friend or grandmother?

  1. Footloose

No-one ever said that your shoes have to be white or cream – why not inject some modernity into an otherwise traditional outfit with some teal or navy suede heels? If nothing else they’re a great nod to the king of rock himself but we’re sure they’ll be the envy and talk of everyone gathered for the celebrations.

  1. Keep it hidden

As there has never been any stipulation that the “something blue” must be visible blue garter belts and panties are a fairly common way to fit in tradition and keep the desired style. You could really stun your new hubby with a full set of blue lingerie underneath that gorgeous gown.

  1. Toes

Who says it needs to be something you wear on your wedding day, either? You could set off those killer peep-toe shoes with the perfect shade of blue nail polish? There are so many shades now that it will be easy to get the right one to match your bridesmaids dresses, flowers in your bouquet or even accentuate your eyes!

  1. Unexpected flashes

If none of this really captures your imagination then there are plenty of other options which could get some blue into your wedding dress without too much hassle. You could attach a blue ribbon to one of the eye-hooks that are used for bustling the dress, or sew a little patch with the date of your wedding in blue somewhere on the inside of your dress. You could even sew a little blue love heart somewhere discreet if you wanted to!

However you choose to honor this wedding tradition, just be sure to do it in a way that’s true to yourself.


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