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Alternative Wedding Venues at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

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Destination weddings are exciting, memorable and often a lot less stressful than your everyday, garden variety home wedding. This is partly due to a naturally smaller guest list, but also because resorts like the Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, which is located on a private 85-acre nature preserve, offer the services of skilled and creative wedding planners to help you along the way.

Wedding Planners

Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta’s wedding planner are experienced individuals who can take you by the hand and guide you along the smoothest road to your new chapter as Mr & Mrs. Whether you want some light guidance and support, or someone to take the weight off your shoulders completely wedding team at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta can help.

Wedding Planners

What makes Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta Great for Weddings?

What, you might be wondering, puts Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta in pole position above and beyond all others when it comes to destination weddings? Firstly, the resort operates a one wedding per day policy that ensures you’ll never be competing for venues or the attention of planners!

Furthermore, the huge swathe of land which makes up the Garza Blanca Preserve has many different alternative wedding venues for your wedding and reception that can be personalized and decorated to suite your needs! If you want you can even choose one wedding venue for your ceremony and a different one for your reception. Some of the wedding venues are even side by side, like the Red Room and Orange Deck, allowing for a more seamless transition from ceremony to reception party.

Take a look at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta’s alternative wedding venues below:

On the Beach

A beach wedding is the dream of many people, in fact it could be the main reason that many people from colder climes opt for destination weddings. No matter which accommodations you stay in when at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta you can always make use of the white sand beach for your wedding ceremony. Whether you want to say “I do” with the Los Arcos rock formation in the background or have your photos taken with the cityscape behind you, the Garza Blanca Beach is a wonderful option for your wedding venue.

Beachfront and Panoramic Infinity Pools

If getting sand in your shoes is not a part of the dream wedding you can always opt to have an ‘almost’ beach wedding at the Garza Blanca’s beachfront pool. You’ll be within sight of the shore, and the sea breeze will still tickle your face, but there’s no danger of breaking your heels in the sand. Alternatively there is the Panoramic Pool on the mountainside which offers a nice bird’s eye view of the Bay of Banderas and lush jungle setting.

Beachfront and Panoramic Infinity Pools

Residence Club Plaza

The Plazoleta is another great location for a wedding ceremony and it can be found next to the Residence Club show rooms. This is a perfect venue for small weddings seeking extra privacy.

The Red Room

The Red Room is a the resort’s star wedding venue suitable for larger celebrations which require air conditioning and added privacy. The Red Room sits around 140 people if it’s set for a banquet dinner. The stage, chandeliers, luxurious carpets and sound system all marry well with the chic décor in a way that makes it great for Oscars style red-carpet weddings. The room can also be sectioned to make it appropriate for smaller, more intimate gatherings.

The Orange Deck

The Orange Deck is a beautiful and versatile wedding venue that partners well with the Red Room as a reception area. The iconic Orange Tree that shades the decks gives the air here a pleasant aroma and the deck itself is a chic, modern tribute to the beauty of the jungle.

The Orange Deck

La Sierra

The La Sierra area of the Outdoor Play and Fitness Center is generally reserved for very large weddings which require more space as well as the soothing balm of the outdoors. The area can be prepared with all kinds of decorations and outdoor seating arrangement to cater to the unique needs of each wedding party.

Your dream wedding venue can be found at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, so why look any further?


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