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Destination Weddings in Puerto Vallarta

Destination Weddings in Puerto Vallarta

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Why choose a destination wedding?

When engaged couples opt for a destination wedding, there are usually a range of reasons for their choice, some practical and some sentimental. It goes without saying that traditional weddings these days can be an extremely costly affair, where families spend thousands of dollars for just a few hours. A destination wedding can be a great alternative, delivering more for your money and frequently costing a lot less.

Advantages of a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta

Setting – unique, beautiful scenery that sets your special day apart from your usual surroundings – mountains, sweeping ocean views and sandy beaches combined for an extraordinary wedding experience.

Cost – The cost of catering, venue rental, staffing, entertainment and so on are much less expensive in Puerto Vallarta than back home. You will get so much more for your dollars.

Weather – The weather in Puerto Vallarta boasts more than 320 days of sunshine every year and its seasons are fairly predictable to avoid the rainy season.

❖   Honeymoon – Choosing a destination wedding means you can combine your honeymoon costs with your wedding budget and enjoy an incredible honeymoon in one of the world’s more fabulous destinations.

❖   Extend the wedding – Destination weddings usually extend over a longer period of time, with special events organized for guests over three or more days. This creates a bank of memories for everyone involved rather than a one off occasion. Puerto Vallarta has a number of amazing activities on land and sea to keep everyone fully entertained.

❖   Intimacy – For those looking for a smaller ceremony, an inevitable side effect of destination weddings is that not everyone will be able to come. You can create the atmosphere that your really want without offending anyone.

❖   Regular flights – Puerto Vallarta has the advantage of offering cheap direct flights from many American and Canadian cities, making it easier for guests to arrive for a long weekend or extended stay.

Garza Blanca Destinations Weddings

The benefits of choosing a destination wedding at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa are many. Firstly, we have an exceptional team of wedding specialists on hand to ensure that every detail is set to perfection and that your dream wedding is made reality. We take the stress and hard work out of wedding planning, and you benefit from our expertise and experience so that you can relax and be creative while we work out how to make it happen. Our mission is to listen, guide and deliver your dreams.

The grounds at Garza Blanca are truly unparalleled, with various romantic sites for an idyllic ceremony. Whether nestled in the juggle with a panoramic ocean view or with feet in the sand as the sea laps upon the shore, you will find the perfect spot to declare your life-long promises. The luxury resort also has a selection of fabulous venues for your reception and gourmet menus to hand.

If you are intending to formalize your marriage legally in Mexico, you will benefit from the advice of our team with regards to the necessary paperwork you will need to marry in Puerto Vallarta, which include various notarized (apostilled) and translated documents. For a legal ceremony, your marriage will have to be performed by a local judge and Garza Blanca can organize all of this on your behalf.




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