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Transportation at Weddings

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Transportation at WeddingsWhen we think about transportation for weddings, most of us consider how the bride and groom are going to make their entrance, or how the wedding party are going to all fit into one limousine. However, there are other more practical considerations to think about depending on the location of your wedding, such as how your guests are going to make it home after being plied with champagne and wine all night.

Destination weddings that take place on the premises of a hotel are perhaps the easiest solution to transporting your guests and making sure that everyone can arrive on time and get safely to their beds. In those cases, considerations about transportation will be more likely directed at how to get the cheapest deals on flights and whether an agent can get a group discount on plane tickets. Once your guests have arrived to the resort, your worries about transportation terminate.

If you are getting married in a location that is in a more secluded area, where taxis are notTransportation at Wedding Day likely to pass, you may consider making a deal with a local taxi firm to arrange a regular stream of taxis throughout the night. Perhaps an easier option is to organize bus transportation that will leave at regular intervals, although in that case, the cost of transportation will fall on your shoulders. The main point is that you make it easier for people to avoid drunk driving. You do not want to have an accident on your conscience when you celebrate your anniversary for years to come.


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