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Benefits and Drawbacks to a Big Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings: Spiritual, Religious and Symbolic Ceremonies

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Perhaps the key most important aspect of your wedding —whether you opt for a destination wedding, religious wedding, symbolic wedding or a combination—, is the type of ceremony that you choose to mark your union. While the reception party and all the trimmings might demand most of your time, budget and stress, it is worth remembering why you are getting married and how you wish to mark the occasion.

At Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, our wedding planners can help you with all kinds of spiritual and symbolic ceremonies which can be tailor-made for you and your future spouse. We have experience supporting couples organize Christian, Jewish, Persian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other religious ceremonies, as well as shamanic ceremonies and pagan rituals in addition to secular rituals such as sand and water mixing, handfasting and special readings. Likewise, if you wish to have a legal ceremony, we can also guide you towards organizing that too.

Religious and Spiritual Ceremonies

Sometimes couples wish to include elements of their religion in the wedding ceremonies hosted at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa. This may be to a greater or lesser extent depending on each couple and the type of religion they follow. Some couples wish to include a few details that reference their faith, while others may go as far as to invite an ordained religious figure to perform their ceremony, remaining as faithful as possible to the traditions of their religion. Garza Blanca’s wedding planners can help you coordinate this and support your wishes.


Symbolic Ceremonies

Perhaps the most popular choice for many couples choosing a destination wedding is a symbolic ceremony that includes some kind of beautiful ritual to symbolize the union. This might be a wedding ceremony where the couple each pours two colors of sand or water into one vase, or perhaps lighting a unity candle from two smaller candles, or handfasting by tying the wrists of the bride and groom together. Of course, sharing rings and making offerings are other traditions that can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony. For more inspiration on symbolic rituals, click here.


Poets and Special Readings

Another wonderful way to complement your wedding ceremony is with poetry and special readings. These may be of a religious nature or purely artistic; the choice is yours. Having readings at your wedding is a great way to involve your guests in your wedding, asking people who are closest to you to read and share poetry.



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