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Is Spring a Good Time To Visit Cancun?

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What comes to mind when you think of springtime? Vibrant colors, flowers, and trees blossoming, pleasant picnic weather? How about white sandy beaches, warm turquoise water, and sun-kissed skin? Spring is also a good time to visit Cancun as it offers plenty of fun-filled activities with beautiful weather to go along.

good time to visit Cancun with your family

Settled on the Yucatan Peninsula and embraced by the ancestral Mayan traditions of the territory, Cancun is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed beach destinations. Also known as the jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, this popular resort attracts visitors year-round. Cancun is always open for business and exciting adventures await you at every corner. Yet, not all seasons offer the same experiences. During peak season, crowds, travel costs, and weather all soar. So, if you are more interested in vacationing without the bustling crowds all while scoring a deal, then let’s explore why spring is a good time to visit Cancun.

Shoulder Season Perks

Considered the months between the official high and low season, April, May, November, and October are known as shoulder season. This period is one of those hidden gems with plenty of benefits such as: beautiful weather, great deals on hotels and airfare, and fewer crowds. In April, the days are comfortable and pleasant, sunny, and bright with low humidity. Temperatures are in the 80s F / 20s C in the highs. And since the rainy season and tropical storms are yet to arrive, it makes April a wonderful spring month to visit.

Shoulder season in Cancun

Spirited party life or serene vacation? The good news is both experiences are available during spring. If your ideal Cancun vacation involves exploring the city’s energetic nightlife scene and dancing the night away or meeting and mingling with new people at the many DJ-hosted day clubs, then nothing beats Spring Break season! Taking place from mid-March to early April (including Holy Week vacation in Mexico), this energetic time brings an exciting opportunity to meet new like-minded people and have fun under the Mexican Caribbean sun. That said, the great thing about spring is that it has two stories to tell; once the popular vacation weeks are over, Cancun settles into a more serene landscape ideal for exploring at your own pace the beauties that this tropical paradise has to offer. Whichever preference you have, spring can be the perfect fit.

Take Advantage of an All-Inclusive Oasis


As previously mentioned, one of the advantages of shoulder season is that you are more likely to find great deals at excellent resorts. Cancun has one of the largest hospitality collections, offering many choices for different tastes and budgets. Selecting the hotel that makes you ease into your vacation the minute you arrive is a task not to be taken lightly. Add an all-inclusive plan that bundles everything you need in one location, and you are ready for success, or in this case, a worry-free vacation. A perfect option for this is Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun.

good time to visit Cancun with all-inclusive plan

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun is one of the newest luxury resorts to open its doors in Cancun and is sure to check off all your boxes. Its sleek, contemporary design offers a luxurious and uber-chic vibe and its first-class service brings it to life, making it both modern and warm at the same time. In addition to its grand facilities, it brings a fresh and exclusively tailored all-inclusive plan. The Gourmet Culinary All-inclusive Plan revolves around outstanding culinary experiences featuring premier specialty restaurants to delight your taste buds. Spend your spring days soaking in the bright sun rays while you relax poolside at The Rooftop, a sophisticated terrace offering a breathtaking infinity pool with stunning views included! Pamper your stresses away at the state-of-the-art Spa Imagine, and finally fully indulge in a good night’s sleep in the masterfully designed suites awaiting you with top-of-the-line amenities.

Nature Activities

Cancun is a nature lover’s paradise. Hugged by the beautiful Mexican Caribbean shoreline and surrounded by lagoons and lush mangrove jungles, it is the perfect backdrop for activities that bond you closer to nature. The unique and captivating sites this region offers are best enjoyed once the larger crowds have left.

Nature activities in Cancun

Dive, swim, or marvel at the sight of ancient underground caves. Cenotes are underwater rock formations that the Mayas believed to be sacred and fountains of life. Cenote swimming or diving is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that allows you to feel connected to both nature and culture at once. They are a must-see attraction any time of the year. But during shoulder season, you can have the space to explore without feeling rushed by the next group.

good time to visit Cancun's cenotes

The exciting aquatic adventures Cancun has to offer are enhanced by the pristine turquoise waters of its beaches, as they serve as a canvas for speedboat rides, catamaran sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. Also, on the to-do list is to take a ferry ride trip to Isla Mujeres to chill and sunbathe on this charming island. As shoulder season sets in, there are sure to be great deals on all aquatic sports and tours. Check with the resort’s concierge.

Isla Mujeres

The bountiful Mayan jungle offers different scenery, complete with family fun activities such as ATVs, zip-lining, nature hikes, and exploring the ancient ruins.

Zip Line adventures

There is also an exciting lineup of themed adventure parks to enjoy in Cancun from aquatic or adrenaline filled to the more cultural and nature inspired. Walking or swimming in these parks without waiting in long lines will allow for a more pleasurable experience, which is why late spring is a good time to visit Cancun to avoid crowds.

Cultural Activities

Chichen Itza is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from Cancun. This majestic exhibit of Mayan architecture named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is on full gala display with the arrival of the spring and fall equinoxes. On March 21st, when the warm spring sun illuminates the Northern hemisphere, the afternoon sun brings to life “Kukulkan” (Feathered Serpent). The sun’s shadow reflects the appearance of a snake making its way down the northern side of the 79ft pyramid, in this magical ritual seen only twice a year.

good time to visit Cancun & Chinen Itza

Another exciting cultural event held in the spring is the celebration of Cancun’s anniversary. Enjoy an array of special cultural festivities, colorful parades, art exhibits, live music, traditional gastronomy, and more. The commemoration of this beautiful city’s jubilee on April 20th is another good reason to visit Cancun during the spring.

good time to visit Cancun's becahes

Cancun’s vibrancy is sure to boost your springtime memories and etch them with a colorful Mexican flair. So, if you are ready to bask in the iconic turquoise water, experience the famed Mexican gastronomy, and delight in the vibrant nightlife, and cultural sites, it all comes down to a matter of when. Of course, a good time to visit Cancun is always! But, the fresh, cheerful energy that spring brings makes it an enticing option to explore.


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