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Perfect Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta

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Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is one of the leading luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a variety of reasons. From first class 5 star service, incredible suites for your guests and lavish honeymoon suites to gourmet cuisine and expert wedding planners, it’s not hard to see why brides and grooms choose the beachfront resort in Puerto Vallarta for their exclusive nuptial celebrations. However, one of the most memorable advantages of Garza Blanca Preserve is its endless opportunities for stunning wedding photography without having to leave the grounds of the resort.

Your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements of your wedding day, capturing that blissful moment when you make your special promises before those people who have accompanied you so far in life. Skillful wedding photography becomes a lifelong source to ignite your memories for years to come, etching your big day within the sands of time.

Sites for Amazing Wedding Photography at Garza Blanca

The Beach

The most obvious site for amazing wedding photography at Garza Blanca is the white sandy beach with its beautiful rocky jetty in the background. You have multiple choices for beach wedding photography, choosing from showcasing the famous rocky Los Arcos formations behind you, the wide open sea, the city scape of Puerto Vallarta or the hotel itself.

Infinity Pools

At Garza Blanca Preserve, you have a choice of infinity pools for the setting of your fabulous wedding photos. You may opt for your wedding photography by the beachfront pools, the Panoramic pool with Banderas Bay clearly defined in the background or at the Rooftop pool atop Hotel Mousai with a birdseye view of the entire horizon.

The Trolley Bus

A popular and fun option for wedding photography is to use the iconic Garza Blanca Trolley bus. Wedding couples can have photographs taken inside the bus, getting on or off the bus as well as photos taken from the windows.

Wedding Trolley at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

Buddha Statues

A beautiful collection of buddha statues and other eastern deities can be found throughout the preserve and there are a number of key places where a photo opportunity next to a 10-foot buddha will make an impressive photograph for your wedding album. You could even prepare the scene so that it looks like the buddha is blessing your wedding. Alternatively, the 5 golden buddhas that welcome you to Spa Imagine provide another location for some original wedding photographs.

Botanical Herb Garden

For nature lovers and foodies, the quaint botanical herb garden could make a intimate location for your wedding photography surrounded by your favorite herbs and fruits.

Wine Cellar

Blanca Blue Restaurant’s award-winning wine cellar provides an elegant backdrop to your wedding photography, a particularly popular location for couples who love wine. Although a small space, there is plenty of opportunity for some great indoor shots here.

By Flaming Torches

The flaming torches that adorn the restaurants, especially Blanca Blue and BocaDos Steak House, can create a magical setting for unique wedding photos. Just imagine the flames lighting up your faces as the sunsets over the horizon in the background.

The Lobby

The stunning main Lobby at Garza Blanca and the chic lobby at Hotel Mousai both make incredible locations for some breathtaking wedding photographs. In Garza Blanca’s lobby, just imagine the two of you framed by the huge square entrance with the ocean and the pool in the background; while at Hotel Mousai, pose next to life-size chess pieces in your own Alice in Wonderland wedding photos.

Jungle Yoga Deck

The wooden yoga deck in the jungle, is not the easiest of locations for your wedding photos if you have a large wedding dress. However, for bohemian barefoot beach weddings, the yoga deck is certainly an original and idyllic location for photos. Alternatively, you could choose to have photos on the wooden yoga deck by the river, which is not such a trek to get to in your wedding attire.


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