Resort Activities

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa

Nature lovers can explore the preserve guided by an expert, fitness fanatics can enjoy a yoga or stretching class on the beach while foodies can sample the delights of Mexican cuisine.

  • Face Painting

    Face Painting Kids

    A fun activity for kids of all ages. Enjoy having your face painted to show your favorite animal or flower.

  • Paint Your Vacations

    Paint Your Vacations Kids

    Time to ignite the creative juices and paint an image of the best memory from your vacation so far.

  • Nature Photography for Kids

    Nature Photography... Kids

    Discover the perfect locations on the preserve to take the most amazing photographs of nature in all its glory.

  • Photo Sightseeing Tour

    Photo Sightseeing... Cultural

    A chance to have photos taken of you in beautiful locations throughout the resort for happy memories of your vacation.

  • Mini Olympics

    Mini Olympics Kids

    Mini Olympics on the beach involving a host of kid-friendly sports to generate a light-hearted competitive spirit.

  • Skipping & Hula

    Skipping & Hula Kids

    Good old fashioned fun still has its appeal today and gets the kids away from their electronic devices.

  • Coconut Expo

    Coconut Expo Gourmet

    Be amazed by the craftsmanship of the coconut sculptures created before your very eyes.

  • Nature Photography Tour

    Nature Photography... Nature Lovers

    Explore the grounds with a guide and find the best spots for taking breathtaking photos.

  • Fruity Snow Cones

    Fruity Snow Cones Kids

    Kids can enjoy a fruity snow cone session to cool down following physical activities like Let’s Play Tennis.

  • Games for Kids

    Games for Kids Kids

    Helping your little-ones make friends, a range of fun games and activities are organized by the lively activities team.

  • Los Arcos Tour

    Los Arcos Tour Beach & Water

    With a guide, paddle board or kayak to Los Arcos, home to colorful fish and marine life.

  • Catch of the day

    Catch of the day Gourmet

    Watch the Chef receive fish on the beach and prepare fresh ceviche.

  • City Shopping Tour

    City Shopping Tour Cultural

    Enjoy a tropical tour of Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area and see what this top destination has to offer.

  • NEW Nature Connection

    Nature Connection Signature

    An idyllic open-air spa experience on the river deck surrounded by the sounds of a tropical jungle and the babble of water rushing over the riverbed.

  • Snorkeling at the beach

    Snorkeling at the... Beach & Water

    Borrow snorkeling gear and explore the underwater tapestry around Garza Blanca Beach.

  • Rock Painting

    Rock Painting Kids

    Not painting to rock music but beach pebble painting, this artistic pastime brings the ocean and talent together.

  • Interactive Spanish Class

    Interactive Spanish... Cultural

    Un, dos, tres! That’s how long it will take to get you in the mood for Spanish lessons.

  • Let’s go to the river

    Let’s go to the... Nature Lovers

    River, swimming and fun - walk to a wonderful spot in the river for swimming.

  • Let’s Go to the River for Kids

    Let’s Go to the... Kids

    A gentle trek into the lush jungle-covered mountains to a river where you can swim, snorkel and bask in nature.

  • Cupcake Decoration

    Cupcake Decoration Kids

    Learn the tricks of the greatests pastry chefs and decorate your own cupcake in anticipation of the grand tasting!

  • Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga Fitness

    Experience one of yoga’s most meditative practices, albeit in the mountain or on the beach.

  • NEW Foodies Delight

    Foodies Delight Signature

    Indulge in a unique culinary experience for lovers of great food and culture-rich encounters. Join the chef on an adventure to the market and cooking class.

  • Origami Class

    Origami Class Kids

    Enjoy the art of crafting animals and shapes by folding pieces of paper according to the ancient art of origami.

  • Let’s Play Tennis

    Let’s Play Tennis Kids

    A fun activity for children of all levels, from absolute beginners to those who know the rules to mini-experts.

  • Walking Tour of Preserve

    Walking Tour of... Fitness

    A gentle walk around the grounds to familiarize yourself with the resort and get you up and about.

  • Paddleboard Lessons

    Paddleboard Lessons Beach & Water

    Learn stand up paddle board on the calm waters of Garza Blanca Beach.

  • Tequila Tasting

    Tequila Tasting Gourmet

    Find out how to truly appreciate tequila’s distinctive flavors.

  • Mini Hike

    Mini Hike Kids

    A gentle hike that is perfect for little feet where your children will learn about the flora and fauna at the preserve.

  • Kayak & SUP for Kids

    Kayak & SUP for Kids Kids

    Time to get wet! Kids can get a handle on paddleboarding and kayaking while enjoying Garza Blanca’s calm waters.

  • Traditional Mexican Handicrafts

    Traditional Mexican... Kids

    Learn how to make an “Ojo de Dios” translated as the “Eye of God,” an easy yet beautiful craft for all ages.

  • Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting Gourmet

    Take your palate on a sensual journey and try a curated selection of wines.

  • NEW The Exotic Experience

    The Exotic Experience Signature

    Enjoy a romantic picnic where the exoitc flora and fauna of the Garza Blanca nature preserve creates the perfect backdrop for a dreamy afternoon.

  • Birdwatching Tour

    Birdwatching Tour Nature Lovers

    Take a guided tour of the preserve in search of colorful indigenous species.

  • Bracelet Making

    Bracelet Making Kids

    Children can make a beautiful bracelet as a keepsake or to give as a gift to a best friend, grandmother or mother, etc.

  • Outdoor Play & Fitness Center

    Outdoor Play &... Fitness

    Luxury outdoor tennis court and squash room available for guests’ use in a picturesque location on site.

  • Sandcastles

    Sandcastles Kids

    Young kids will love the sandcastle competition held on the white sands of Garza Blanca Beach.

  • Plant a Tree

    Plant a Tree Kids

    Leave your mark on the preserve for centuries to come by planting a tree and contributing to the reforestation program (subject to availability).

  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp Fitness

    Get the blood pumping as your breathe nature’s best remedy - fresh air!

  • Aguas Sensoriales

    Aguas Sensoriales Gourmet

    Fruit juices with a difference, these freshly made cordials enjoy healing properties.

  • Paper Flowers

    Paper Flowers Kids

    Learning a new skill is fun. Join us to turn paper into flowers, taking home a new talent as a souvenir.

  • Napkin Folding

    Napkin Folding Gourmet

    There is an art to everything, even folding a napkin!

  • Balloon Craft

    Balloon Craft Kids

    Your chance to learn how to make animals shapes, flowers and other fun items out of skinny balloons.

  • Snorkeling Class

    Snorkeling Class Kids

    Children can learn the basics of snorkeling and develop a passion for what lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

  • Collecting Sea Shells

    Collecting Sea Shells Kids

    Some pastimes withstand the ages. Collecting sea shells will never go out of fashion for both small and big kids.

  • Stretching on the Beach

    Stretching on the... Fitness

    Jump start your circulation with a stretching session as the sun rises over the mountains.

  • Kayaking and snorkeling

    Kayaking and... Beach & Water

    A mini-expedition in kayak to see the colorful fish and marine life that surrounds Garza Blanca.

  • Salsa Expo

    Salsa Expo Gourmet

    Learn how to prepare a knock-out salsa using the Chef’s personal tips.

  • Hiking Tours

    Hiking Tours Nature Lovers

    Get your blood pumping and enjoy a choice of guided hiking tours to the river and waterfall.

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