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Do you need a Wedding Photographer


Do you need a Wedding Photographer

Do you need a Wedding Photographer?

Depending on your wedding budget, you may find that you have to cut some corners in order to save money. While some of the wallet-friendly

How Many Wedding Guests is Ideal?

How Many Wedding Guests is Ideal?

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life, and so every detail deserves special attention. The guest list

Location of the best hotels in Banderas Bay

Choosing Mexico for your Honeymoon

So, you’re planning your big day and you have all the important details nailed down. You have the place settings, the dress, the flowers, and

The History of Honeymoons

The History of Honeymoons

Everything in the world has a history all of its own, even those things that seem as old as human history itself. The honeymoon is

Wedding Video

Should you Have a Wedding Video?

Although you might have a hard time justifying the amount of money it will cost to have wedding photography and videography on your big day,


What to Wear on your Honeymoon

When you’re planning your honeymoon there are many, many details to consider, and one that might fall to the bottom of the pile is what

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Romance! Enjoy Our Honeymoon Suite

Why not give yourself and your new spouse an amazing treat for your honeymoon? You can do just that when you enjoy a honeymoon suite


Personalized Wedding Vows

The planning of a wedding requires a huge amount of effort and focus, and not a small amount of decision making. There is one decision,

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